Zuse Institute Berlin wins AIMMS modeling competition

Bethlehem, PA - Today, the AIMMS-CPLEX modeling competition ended at MOPTA 2009 with announcing Zuse Institute of Berlin as the winner. Since February 1, around 30 teams from all over the world enlisted to compete. The 3 finalists, Southern Methodist University (Dallas, TX), USA), University of Twente (The Netherlands), and Zuse Institute of Berlin (Germany), have presented their final results.


The team of Zuse (represented by Stefan Heinz and Jonas Schweiger,
1st and 3rd from left) is receiving the award from Robert Storer (2nd from left)
and AIMMS (Peter Nieuwesteeg and Gertjan de Lange).

Soon the results of all finalists of this competition (project, presentation and report) will be shared on the AIMMS website.