To enable your organization to implement optimization-based solutions effectively, we provide technology that supports the development and deployment of custom solutions. Our product development is centered on usability, and allows businesses to launch optimization projects with minimal hurdles.

The AIMMS Modeling System is the technology we have built to give businesses a transparent path from conception of a solution to implementation.

AIMMS PRO is the publishing platform for AIMMS-based solutions that delivers fast, flexible and secure web-based solutions to every desktop in your organization. It’s an Enterprise App Store that is approachable and effective.

Learn more about the value of AIMMS for optimization in the video below.

为使您的组织有效落实基于优化的解决方案,我们可提供卓越技术,支持定制化解决方案的开发和部署。 我们的产品开发以可用性为中心,最大程度消除企业推行优化项目时的阻力。 AIMMS建模系统 是专为企业实现从解决方案概念到解决方案落实而打造的技术。 AIMMS PRO 是基于AIMMS的解决方案的发布平台,面向企业组织内的每台电脑提供快速、灵活、安全的基于网络的解决方案。它是一个人人可用的、高效的企业级应用商店(Enterprise App Store)。