SHARCTM is an advanced model developed in AIMMS and currently used in more than 35 refineries. SHARC has been instrumental in improving the performance of FCCUs advised by Shell which have seen their profitability improve by $0.10–0.30 per barrel of feed as a consequence of using SHARC. In an average unit this can equate to an annual margin increase of $2-3 million.

SHARC helps FCCU operators in three vital ways:

  • It accurately predicts the economic impact of changes in feedstock, catalyst and operating conditions
  • It can be used to optimize the performance of the unit on a continuous (on-line) or regular (off-line) basis
  • It can generate LP vectors for refinery planning and scheduling models to perform refinery-wide optimization

SHARC was developed initially for Shell refineries, but is now also available for commercial licensing.

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Source: Shell Global Solutions, via HYDROCARBON ASIA – The Refining, Gas Processing and Petrochemical Business & Technical Magazine serving the Downstream Sectors in Asia Since 1990, October – 2002.