(English) Free Licenses

Find below information about the various Free AIMMS licenses that are available.

Free AIMMS Trial License

This is the ideal license when you want to find out whether AIMMS is the suitable software for handling the mathematical optimization problems that you face in your business. It is unrestricted and fully functional, contains most solvers, and is only limited in time (30 days).

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Free AIMMS Academic License

This is the ideal license for any academic work involving mathematical optimization problems. It is fully functional and contains most solvers. This license is equipped with a protection on the IP range, so that it can only be activated at university networks. After activation, it can be run off-line.

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Free AIMMS Student License

This license is an alternative for the Free Academic License in case your non-commercial usage does not satisfy its restrictions (e.g. you are not associated with a university, or you do not have access to the university network). The license is restricted both in size of the model and the number of allowed identifiers. The license is valid for one year with a possibility to renew each year. No registration is necessary.

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