(English) ProRail

ORCA is a custom-made decision support tool for ProRail, the owner of the Dutch railway system. The planning tool supports the process of constructing a strategic maintenance planning for the upcoming seven years. Inputs for the system are a digital railway map and the maintenance requirements for the upcoming years.

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(English) Leaseplan

LeasePlan Corporation is the world’s market leader in car leasing, with a vehicle fleet of more then one million cars. For suppliers of replacement parts, such as shock absorbers, tires and exhausts, LeasePlan is a very attractive customer. In Europe alone, LeasePlan buys over 1.2 million new tires each year, a scale which offers LeasePlan attractive discount opportunities from suppliers. However, in practice, optimal utilization of this advantage appears not to be so easy.

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(English) Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources

The Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources used AIMMS to analyze the relationships between forest condition, silvicultural practices, and benefits such as wood supply and potential wildlife habitat. This analysis enabled them to make quick and effective decisions about land use, habitat management and much more.

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