(English) JBS



(English) Sadia

Between 2001 and 2003, UniSoma developed and deployed a series of decision support tools at Sadia, which resulted in the PLAMES/In+S solution for monthly integrated swine processing and industrial plant production planning.

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(English) Aurora Alimentos

This system, deployed in December 2008, is composed of a set of planning modules developed for Aurora Alimentos, comprising the chains of poultry, swine, industrialized and dairy products, and feed formulation. Its solution architecture is based on statistical forecast models, optimization models implemented in AIMMS, a plan control modules developed in Java®, and on a central database for integration of the input data and the generated plans by its several components.

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(English) Avandis

Facing an ever changing demand for spirits and liqueurs all over the world, Avandis wanted to gain insight into the actual capacity of its facility. Question is: what exactly is capacity in the context of Avandis’ production process?

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(English) Heineken

AIMMS has been used to develop an optimized supply chain network and to assess the impact of changing markets, disruptions, acquisitions and divestments. It has also been used to determine growth strategies.


(English) Provimi

With the support of AIMMS’ robust and flexible platform, AIMMS Service Partner OptaSoft was able to develop a Supply Chain Management tool for Provimi Pet Food in less than four months.

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