Sasol is an international integrated energy and chemical company that leverages the talent and expertise of more than 34,000 people working in 37 countries. The company develops and commercializes technologies, building and operating world-scale facilities to produce a range of product streams, including liquid fuels, high-value chemicals and low-carbon electricity.

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(English) INEOS

INEOS Köln achieved over 90% Plant Utilization through the use of an AIMMS optimization model to aid decision-making related to the steam cracking process.

After implementing the AIMMS-based DISPO system, INEOS Köln became one of the most effective petrochemical sites for the company.

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(English) Shell: Ethylene Production

Shell Chemicals’ ethylene oxide (EO) and ethylene glycols (EG) businesses have benefited significantly by using the global manufacturing and logistics optimisation system (GMOS) – an AIMMS-based strategic business-planning tool developed by Shell Global Solutions. GMOS models a business’ feed supply, manufacturing processes and distribution of products to help maximize margins.

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(English) Bayer

Profit Suite was created by Bayer using the AIMMS platform to process large amounts of diverse information such as market demand, profitability and manufacturing capabilities. In a rapidly changing global economy, the available response time is decreasing, and this led to the need for a decision support application that provides – in an efficient and accurate manner – the information and insight needed by Product Management to manage their multi-product portfolios effectively.

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