Zalando has chosen to use AIMMS in order to optimize their European logistics operations. The implementation of AIMMS technologies with their existing systems will ensure that they have consistently high service levels at a justifiable cost.

Zalando is Europe’s leading online retailer for shoes and fashion. Following its large success in the German market since its incorporation in 2008, Zalando has expanded to several European countries, starting with Austria in 2009 and the Netherlands and France in 2010. In 2011, expansion to Italy, UK and Switzerland followed, and from this year on Zalando is also shipping to Sweden and Belgium.

’We are facing an increasingly complex delivery network, both in terms of our European customer base and our warehouse setup. In order to ensure a consistently high service level towards our customers at a justifiable cost, we need an advanced optimization tool to help us design our network and transport flows. AIMMS technology allows us to quickly prototype and build unique optimization applications that create a competitive edge for Zalando.’ says Christoph Stark, Zalando’s head of logistics.

Christophe Frère, VP EMEA of AIMMS, adds: ’We see a tendency that companies want to differentiate with optimization to create a competitive edge. Also at Zalando, logistics costs are of course a significant cost component of the whole operational costs. Reducing your cost with an additional five to fifteen percent while maintaining or even improving your customer service can indeed give you a competitive advantage in a low margin business. AIMMS can do it for you.