An AIMMS-based production optimization tool, built and developed with the help of Shell Global Solutions, has added millions of dollars to the bottom line of Woodside Energy Ltd. in its first year of use.

The complex nature of the off- and onshore operations at the North West Shelf project in Australia called for the development of a fast, accurate and user-friendly tool capable of optimizing the production systems. By achieving this goal, the tool has enabled Woodside Energy to manage its gas and oil assets much more effectively.

The Production and Revenue Optimisation (PRO) tool models the entire gas supply chain (liquefied natural gas, domestic gas, condensate and liquefied petroleum gas) in order to maximize the revenues within the system constraints. The three main constraint types are physical, product specifications and gas demand. PRO models the integrated system in considerable detail to reflect all these, making the production planner’s job less time-consuming and more transparent.

In its major use, PRO defines the optimal production plan over a 120-day period. The plan is updated weekly, giving the opportunity to challenge shutdown synergies, well priorities and production strategies.

The plant manager of the onshore gas processing facility at Karratha, Cyril Huijsmans, is very pleased with the pay off, “This state-of-the-art optimization tool has enabled us to further push production constraints. We estimate the direct and indirect value of its use to be of the order of $10 million per year.”

Source: Shell Global Solutions