Currently our WebUI has the following known problems:

  1. [Ticket 1489] Poor handling and unclear message when entering case name that already exists, when saving a case. No workaround.
  2. [Ticket 1651] The WebUI server (integrated in the PRO server) will not start correctly if the path to the ‘wmic.exe’ (Windows Management Instrumentation Command-line) is not part of your PATH environment. Typically this should be/is the case, but we noticed some rare occasions in which it was not.
  3. [Ticket 1644] When launched from PRO, the web application might show the incorrect domain for the user that is logged in.
  4. [Ticket 1626] If the page settings for a WebUI page have been configured to only show a small (i.e. 2 or 3) number of columns, the setting box might not be fully visible.
  5. In some cases it may happen that the WebUI reports that the app is ‘executing’ while it is not. When this is the case, the WebUI freezes and shows an veil that prevents the user from interacting with the WebUI. Pressing will remove the executing state and allows you to continue working.
  6. In some cases it may happen that when you are editing a value in a cell of the table widget and you click outside the cell, the table widgets did not process the edited value (visible by the default number format not being applied). Pressing will refresh the table and allows you to continue working.
  7. In some cases the ‘seat management’ is not working well yet, causing the application to deny a ‘seat’ to a user that is trying to sign on even though ‘seats’ are available.
  8. Totals in filtered tables show the table totals instead of the totals of the displayed values.
  9. It is possible to enter negative and therefore meaningless numbers fo the number of columns on a page or the number of declmals to be displayed in a widget.

Currently PRO 2.0 has the following known problems:

  1. None..

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