Currently our WebUI has the following limitations:

  1. Limited set of widgets – we have an initial widget set now. We will add widgets incrementally.
  2. The initial version of the Gantt chart widget has some special restriction which are discussed in more detail on the WebUI getting Started page.
  3. Single sequential solves only – as there is no in-browser PRO job manager yet, you should not build apps that can lead to concurrent solves. To communicate the solution from a solve session to your data session, you are advised to use the predefined ‘pro::session::LoadResultsCallBack’ as the ‘completionHandler’ argument in your call to the ‘pro::DelegateToServer’ procedure. In addition, you are advised to set the ‘waitForCompletion’ argument in this procedure call to 1.
  4. It is not possible yet to communicate selections in a widget to the model.
  5. Data widgets will only show a sparse data view.
  6. The AIMMS WebUI currently requires a recent version of the Chrome browser. Eventually, we will add support for other HTML5 browsers too. On iPhone and iPad the Safari browser is supported.
  7. No ‘role differentiation': all users have the same authorizations and can use all controls in WebUI apps running via the PRO portal.
  8. List of identifiers are capped at the first 100. So for now, make sure you have no more than 100 identifiers in AllPublicIdentifiers.
  9. Changing the index domain of an identifier that is used by the WebUI while WebUI (achieved by ‘Start WebUI’) is running is not supported. Changes are propagated when ‘Stop WebUI’ and then ‘Start WebUI’. This limitations only applies to working in Developer mode (e.g. not PRO).

Currently WebUI apps under PRO 2.0 have the following limitations

  1. Cases that are saved from within your web application are stored on the PRO server but are only available to the user who saved the case.

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