Creating a sustainable competitive advantage does not come from technology alone, but from a cultural change inside your company. If you believe that optimization can make the difference, then it is important that everybody speaks the same optimization ‘language’.

Competence Centers are the ideal vehicle to launch management development programs for teaching optimization principles to a team. Implementing optimization principles throughout your organization on a day-to-day basis, at every level of the organization, will deliver significant return on investment.

AIMMS has been the chosen technology at the core of multiple competence centers, and is perfectly suited to explore every possibility of optimization because of its advanced and flexible structure.

TNT Express’ GO (Global Optimization) Academy is an active example of how AIMMS has been used to accomplish an effective and highly regarded supply chain competence center. It started with a need for healthier supply chains, and led to TNT embracing operations research entirely after witnessing the ease with which they could improve their supply chain. Once embraced, the process of training TNT managers to respond to situations in more agile and strategic ways began.

Since the launch of TNT’s GO Academy in 2008, more than 150 managers have graduated from the two-year program at TiasNimbas Business School and have saved the company millions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of metric tons of CO2. TNT was also selected as the winner of the 2012 Franz Edelman award because of their exceptional application of operations research.

Launching an AIMMS Competence Center is the ideal step towards embracing optimization within your organization, and achieving more. Feel free to contact us to ask questions and explore the opportunity.