To be able to make informed decisions as a business, for example in the case of supply chain planning, portfolio investment, or the allocation of resources for production, it is vital to translate existing data into useful information. In addition, it is crucial to understand the relationship between various data points such that the robustness of a decision can be challenged e.g. by running multiple scenarios or calculating the best option.

Once you organize your data and relationships into a coherent and approachable format, it empowers business users to optimize their decisions (to find the best way to move forward). Depending on the situation, these decisions can be very operational or more strategic or tactical.

Turning your business data into useful information for either reporting or interactive decision making is called Business Analytics. It is shown that Business Analytics, or better the development and deployment of Apps that provide business analytics capabilities, leads to better decision making and therefore better overall results of the company.

To support you in making the best decisions possible and to empower your organization, we have developed two products:
• the optimization modeling tool AIMMS that enables you to develop Apps that support the optimization of your business, and
• the AIMMS PRO platform, a personal Enterprise App Store that enables you to roll out Apps in a fast, flexible and secure manner within your organization.