The AIMMS PRO platform enables you to deliver AIMMS solutions into every corner of your business. It is your personal Enterprise App Store for optimization, making your custom solutions available to the users in your organization in a matter of a few clicks. This quick and effective deployment of models puts the power of optimization directly into the hands of your relevant staff members, and means that you have embraced the concept of optimization and will realize more value from your assets.

In addition to running finished AIMMS solutions via AIMMS PRO, sharing prototypes and pre-releases to a limited group of users is also possible. Scaling up a solution in a phased approached, sharing new optimization concepts, or offering a large set of different AIMMS solutions becomes easier than ever before.

The web portal of AIMMS PRO is the control center for your users. It allows you to publish and run solutions, execute user management and view AIMMS solution use statistics. For the solution developer, the user of a solution, and the IT manager, AIMMS PRO gives you the control to make optimal use of the AIMMS solutions available.

Customers who have adopted AIMMS PRO as their enterprise-wide solution for optimization have seen greater cost savings, improved efficiencies, faster decision-making and higher profits. Click here for further reading on AIMMS PRO.

AIMMS PRO Client Testimonials:

bp-logoNorman Jerome, Aromatics Business Optimization Advisor, Western Hemisphere Aromatics for BP says about AIMMS PRO, “The simplicity and ease of browser-based access to our AIMMS tools provided by the AIMMS PRO platform has removed a significant entry barrier for our user community. A brand new user can now simply click on a web page and literally in 5 minutes have an AIMMS optimization model loaded and running on his local machine. This has greatly expanded the number of our team members who now routinely access and apply our AIMMS models.

The AIMMS PRO platform has also simplified and streamlined model maintenance procedures for our AIMMS Developers. With AIMMS PRO, deploying a new update to an AIMMS model, or even a completely new version of AIMMS, only requires publishing a new version on the AIMMS PRO server. This just takes a few minutes, and replaces the previous procedure which took anywhere from days to weeks – depending on the level of internal IT support required. Using AIMMS PRO we have cut our response-time for serving urgent user requests to a matter of hours.

The combined impact of these changes has been remarkable. For example, in the first three months since migrating to the AIMMS PRO platform, we have seen our user base expand five-fold for one of our core scheduling applications. And with so many new eyes reviewing this application, the data are more reliable, and we are producing better schedules than ever before.”

JBSJBS, Brazil’s largest multinational food processing company (revenue of $34 Billion), has chosen the AIMMS PRO platform to roll out various solutions for their supply chain, starting with their OCC application (In Natura Meat Chain Planning Optimizer) and soon to be added applications OCI (Processed Meat Chain Planning Optimizer) and PDC (Slaughterhouses’ Daily Programing).

Joao Batista Rocha de Souza, Integrated Planning Manager at JBS, explains: “Thanks to the flexibility of AIMMS, the evolution of OCC and the development of new optimization modules (like OCI and PDC) can be done with the agility compatible to the dynamism of our company and its market. With the adoption of AIMMS PRO, JBS will make the best use of a corporate solution that brings optimization to business users through a central enterprise app store.”

The Uruguayan forestry company Montes del Plata has also chosen AIMMS PRO as its Enterprise App Store for optimization. AIMMS PRO will allow for the continuous deployment of new tools in different areas, putting the power of optimization directly into the hands of Montes del Plata’s staff members without the need for additional platform investments.

Roberto Mantovani, General IT Manager at Montes del Plata says: “Our AIMMS-based tools will enable us to react quickly to a variety of challenges and plan our new logistics operations in an agile and effective way. Moreover, we can add tools along the way as we see fit since the optimization back-bone is now available.”

Papyrus, a leading European paper wholesaler, is another company that has adopted AIMMS PRO to implement radical changes in its supply chain network. The company is working closely with Districon, an AIMMS implementation partner, to build a platform that handles demand forecasting, inventory planning and the replenishment of all warehouses in Europe, in a way that minimizes the amount of change needed in Papyrus’ ERP.

“We were introduced to AIMMS by Districon as part of a conventional network modelling exercise, but we became more excited by the possibilities to extend AIMMS’ scope to operational optimisation of a complex network. Thanks to the flexibility of AIMMS and Districon’s business focus we will rapidly make the transition to our European Supply Chain concept.” – Bob Woodburn, SVP Supply Chain Papyrus group.