The members of team

Team “DOM” wins first place

It is our pleasure to announce that team “DOM” from the University of Twente in The Netherlands has won the first prize at the 7th annual AIMMS-MOPTA Modeling Competition. The winner was announced earlier this month at the MOPTA Conference banquet in Bethlehem, PA.

The finalists presented their work during a plenary session at the MOPTA conference. The first team to present was team “RensPolymathela,” consisting of Xin Shen and Jubiao Yang from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. This team was advised by John Mitchell. RensPolymathela demonstrated how their greedy heuristic worked while creating a robust project planning solution.

The second team to present was team “DOM.” The members of this team were Victor Reijnders, Martijn Schoot Uiterkamp, and Mike Visser, advised by Bodo Manthey. Their approach consisted of generating a large set of possible combinations of “bad luck” which could impact project planning. Their optimization model incorporated these combinations, helping planners assess things that could possibly happen.


Team “RensPolymathela” wins second place

The judges (Boris Defourny, Martin Takac, and Luis Zuluaga from Lehigh University and Peter Nieuwesteeg from AIMMS) decided to award the first prize to team “DOM” based on the quality of their report, their AIMMS model and their presentation at the conference. Click here to download the materials presented by team “DOM.” To download the materials presented by team “RensPolymathela,” click here.