Team Coppta and Senior AIMMS and Optimization Specialist Peter Nieuwesteeg

It is our pleasure to announce that team Coppta from Universidad de los Andes (University of the Andes) in Colombia has won this year’s AIMMS-MOPTA modeling competition. The team, consisting of Daniel M. Eslava, Jorge A. Huertas, Andrés F. Pardo and their advisor Jaime E. Gonzalez , was granted the award on Thursday August 14 at the MOPTA conference banquet. This team was chosen as winner out of three finalists. The two other finalists were team Gerad 5459 from École Polytechnique de Montréal, consisting of Elspeth Adams, Mathilde Peyrega and their advisor Miguel F. Anjos, and Team ISU-IMSE from Iowa State University, consisting of Bokan Chen and Leilei Zhang, advised by Lizhi Wang. This year’s challenge was to create a decision support tool that would help the government in a small borough set the price of electricity for both residents and industries. One of the key tasks was to model consumer behavior when the price of electricity changes. The winning team created an iterative and heuristic approach to the bi-level optimization problem, combined with an elegant AIMMS application that could be used by the government. The winners, as well as the other teams, offered a good example of how optimization can help decision makers tackle challenging problems.

Honorable mention
Two additional teams received an Honorable Mention. These were “The Good, the Bad and the OPT” from the University of Pisa (Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa), consisting of Stefano Massei, Alessandro Neri, and Leonardo Gigli, advised by Antonio Frangioni; and team “RensPolymatheIa” from the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, consisting of Xin Shen, Jubiao Yang, and Biao Mao, advised by John E. Mitchell. A heartfelt thank you to all the participants!