Suzano Pulp and Paper, a subsidiary of Suzano Holding and part of the Suzano Group, is one of the largest vertically integrated eucalyptus forestry, pulp and paper producers in Latin America. It has invested in the pulp and paper industry for over 90 years and its global operations span approximately 60 countries. The company has an annual pulp and paper production capacity of 4.7 million tons.

Suzano has adopted AIMMS PRO to optimize production planning in its organization. Furnished by the expertise of AIMMS implementation partner UniSoma, Suzano is fully equipped to release its own optimization apps to streamline the flow, feed stocks and maritime shipments of pulp, thereby ensuring profitability and a high level of customer service. The company now boasts a toolset to quickly react to changes in their operations, both in the short term (avoiding costs due to late deliveries) and long term (visualizing their whole supply chain).

Gustavo Martarello, Integrated Planning Manager at Suzano Pulp and Paper, explains: “One year after starting up the Imperatriz Mill (1.5 million tons/year), Suzano Pulp and Paper is committed to developing OPTPULP – an Integrated Planning and Optimizing Tool (developed by UniSoma on the AIMMS platform). At the end of 2014, we completed the commissioning of the AIMMS-based tool and started to officially report our Production Plan using both the mathematical and dashboard solution. It represents an important gain in efficiency and efficacy for the Planning team. Now we can generate the Production Plan, analyze our internal material flow from Mill to Port and optimize vessel/demand fulfilment on an integrated tool with better quality and reduced timing. Our next step is to implement the coordination of our replenishment using the integrated tool. It will be a complex step, however, we are very confident that the AIMMS solution will help us take the right decisions in 2015.”

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