Representatives of over 180 countries are meeting in Bali for the United Nations Framework on Climate Change Convention from 3 to 14 December 2007. They are discussing the way forward to save our planet from the devastating effects of global warming. A timeline for a new international framework will be negotiated for the period after 2012 when the Kyoto Protocol expires, in order to agree on the stringent emission reductions the IPCC tells us are needed.
The Information Toolkit provides factual underpinning for the delegations to strengthen their position in the negotiations on further commitments. These facts and figures can assist in making a presentation and in exchanging information to substantiate the points the delegations may want to make.In response to the request from the Dutch ministry of the Environment (VROM), the Energy research Centre of the Netherlands (ECN) and Brinkman Climate Change Consultancy have developed an Information Toolkit to support the negotiations in Bali. This Information Toolkit development has been performed within the framework of the Netherlands Research Programme on Scientific Assessment and Policy Analysis for Climate Change (WAB).

The tool can show graphically and numerically the effects as estimated by a various set of publicly available climate scenarios and studies. The Information Toolkit has been developed in the AIMMS mathematical modeling system with the help of AIMMS Service Partner CQM. The tool uses the new AIMMS Viewer to share the information with all interested parties. It can be downloaded from here.

Koen Smekens, project manager at ECN, said: “We have found that AIMMS was the ideal system to use for the development of this tool because AIMMS enables to easily show large and diverse datasets in graphs and tables, to easily select variables or parameters and to easily create one’s own datasets or graphs. It combines user friendliness with visual attractiveness.”

About ECN

ECN Policy Studies aims at making the energy system more sustainable by carrying out independent policy research and studies for governments, industries and non governmental organisations. The unit has established a strong position with its advising role in Dutch energy and climate policy. Also the amount of work for the European Commission has increased considerably, presently encompassing about half of the unit’s portfolio. A small share of the unit’s work entails global issues and offering advice with respect to energy policy in developing countries.

For further information on the Information Toolkit, please contact Koen Smekens, tel. +31.224.564.861, e-mail:

About Brinkman Climate Change Consultancy

Brinkman Climate Change is a consultancy, specialised in bridging the gap between the scientific community and policy makers in the field of climate change. This means translating scientific results into policy measures, mainly concentrated on national adaptation and international mitigation. The information Toolkit is a perfect example of helping policy makers to use scientific results for their post-Kyoto negotiations.

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