Fleet Planning and Monitoring for Shell

Shell International Trading and Shipping Company has over 25 LNG (gas) carriers in construction, which will receive a brand new crew consisting of 12 officers of different ranks. This crew of hundreds of officers needs to be recruited on a tight labor market and trained ‘just-in-time’. Since the planning of both activities is considered a complex task, Shell was looking for a decision support system for planning the officer’s education program and crew assignment.

In close cooperation with Shell, CQM has developed a Fleet Planning and Monitoring Tool to support Shell’s planning department. The tool is an AIMMS based application in which both planning – “when to recruit and train students in the future” – and monitoring – “what is the actual status of recruitment and training” – functionalities have been implemented. A main feature is the ability to replan crew requirements based on the current status of Shell’s crew, accounting for expected losses in both recruitment and training processes. To enable trade-offs between alternatives, planning officers have quick access to the main planning views, showing consequences for critical capacities, course and recruitment requirements, and training budget. For top management, KPI reports can be easily obtained and exported to reports in pdf formats for distribution. Having a traffic light overview of all KPI’s as the tool’s start page, Shell’s Planning is constantly aware of its performance and main focus areas.