Avandis in Zoetermeer produces and bottles spirits and liqueurs for its partners Lucas Bols, UTO and De Kuyper. Having one of Europe’s newest bottling facilities, it produces millions of bottles in several sizes with hundreds types of spirits according to high quality standards. Its production facility comprises 300 tanks, which are connected to each other via a complex system of installations, pipes and pumps. Facing an ever changing demand for spirits and liqueurs all over the world, Avandis wants to gain insight in the actual capacity of its facility. Question is: what exactly is capacity in the context of Avandis’ production process?

CQM has assisted Avandis in modeling its production process, by identifying key production steps, activities and resources. This blue print of the production process has been implemented in an AIMMS simulation model, together with definitions of time needed for each activity based on an individual product and the amount to be produced. A broad range of demand scenarios, describing current and future demand for Avandis, can be generated and used as input for the simulation model. The model computes overviews of available and used capacities for the demand scenario, and displays which resources will be bottleneck (and which will not). Apart from this, a possible tank assignment for the demand horizon is determined and shown in a GANTT chart.