We have launched our new ‘WebUI’, promising great looking optimization apps in a browser, on any device, that are intuitive to operate and that each user can customize to their own needs.

WebUI works with any existing or new AIMMS model and is fully integrated in AIMMS Development version (4.3 onwards) and PRO (2.0 onwards), We have launched with a basic version so that you can start building apps and we can collect feedback on what functionality to add or change. Through frequent releases we will quickly extend and refine the product.

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PRO 2.0 is the next release after PRO 1.1 and represents an important step for us. AIMMS PRO 2.0 can be used on a cluster of computers, providing increased capacity through the scale-out of server sessions on the nodes of the cluster, fail-over capabilities and increased availability.

As we have adopted an Agile way of working and therefore frequent product updates, we will use our website and Google Group as central information repository.