Image Vandaag 19-49-43Dutch entrepreneur Marius Smit decided to travel the world with his girlfriend a few years back. During his travels, he was confronted with the effects of a tropical storm on a Borneo island. The romantic white beach was transformed into a plastic waste land. Inspired by John F. Kennedy’s famous 1962 speech, he decided to define his own man-on-the-moon. He wanted to make a contribution to the planet by reducing waste. Amsterdam proved to be an adequate place to make it happen. He wanted to build a boat with recycled plastic waste to clean up the city’s canals. He currently has three boats and his fleet is growing by the day while Amsterdam’s beautiful canals become cleaner.

During the global AIMMS summit this month, our team had the pleasure of meeting Marius and joining him in one of his plastic fishing trips. As we hunted for plastic, we learned that there are several similarities with what we do at AIMMS. Our mission is to bring the benefits of optimization to society. Optimization can help you reduce waste in your supply chain and do more with less resources. We are proud to help companies reduce their environmental footprint and are grateful to be able to contribute to this goal.