Simweb was founded in 1997, and has grown steadily since with highly qualified services. Simweb is a leading technology company that offers a variety of software solutions, and AIMMS is their simulation and optimization technology choice.

Simweb’s offering goes far beyond just selling software, they also offer hardware and a wide variety of services such as on-site installation, beginner and advanced training, and support.

Simweb’s customers are leading companies and universities. Some example customers are Wintron, DAFU, CMO, MIRLE, CAPCO, and Gintech.

They believe that the strong background of their team and the philosophy to always quickly respond to their customer’s requirements are the key to their success. Technology is always changing and what might be considered as innovative research today could be considered as a requirement tomorrow. Simweb understands this and will continue to offer state of the art technology and solutions to their customers.

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電話: +886-4-7365606