Edgestone Information Technologies Co., Ltd of China, is specialized in efficiency improvement, cost reduction and ROI maximization through intelligent software tools and consulting services for China manufacturing and service industry. The tools and services provided by Edgestone represent the first class quality of its kind worldwide, providing the customers unmatched return in short period of time.

Edgestone customers include many well-known companies, such as Intel, Nokia, Baosteel, Areva, Huawei, ABB, Canon, Metteler Toledo, BSHG, Foxconn, Cadbury Schwepps, Novo Nordisk, etc as well as a group of elite small and medium companies. Edgestone is also proud of providing most responsive and reliable technical supports to the customers.

Website: www.edgestone-it.com
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Telephone: 86-21-61508060

从2003年开始,刃之砺信息科技有限公司为超过数百家企业、学校和研究机构提供高品质、低价格、踏实务实的软件工具和咨询服务。这些工具致力于更智能化的科学决策、更领先的运营效率、更低廉的管理成本、更卓越的竞争力。无论经济高速发展还是低迷停滞,我们提供的工具和服务都是针对运营管理的核心问题,是企业修炼内功、实现长期卓越发展的有力工具,都具备令人尊敬的性价比和有效性。刃之砺信息科技有限公司的客户群体包括诺基亚、英特尔、阿海珐、宝钢、ABB、佳能、华为、富士康 、吉百利、诺和诺德等众多世界一流企业。

公司网址: www.edgestone-it.com
联系邮箱: info@edgestone-it.com OR edgestone@163.com