UniSoma Matemática para Produtividade S.A., established in 1984, is a Brazilian consultancy company specialized in the development and implementation of integrated production and logistics planning solutions.

UniSoma develops Supply Chain Management (SCM) solutions, also known as Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS), using multidimensional representations of physical, economic, and management attributes and constraints. It avoids implementing such solutions through the use of simply configured industry-templates (unlike many tier-one SCM providers) since this approach has resulted in many failed projects around the globe. Instead, it combines the modeling experience of a seasoned group of experts with an understanding of its clients’ business and organizational environments to achieve, through a collaborative effort, superior planning integration and coordination.

AIMMS Service Partnership

In August 2004, UniSoma Matemática para Produtividade S/A and AIMMS signed a Service Partnership Agreement. UniSoma has been using the AIMMS modeling system since the mid-1990’s, providing a service to their clients in both application development and consultancy specializing in integrated production and logistics planning solutions.

Read about UniSoma in the April 2010 issue of OR/MS Today “25 years of O.R. in Brazil”

Applications and Solutions 

Industry sectors to which UniSoma has delivered AIMMS-based solutions include integrated meat production (poultry, swine, and meat processing), pulp & paper, steel, textile, iron ore production, energy, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, and financial services. Examples are:

Case Studies

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