Optimal Solutions provides technology services to process industries, including chemicals, polymers, petroleum and petrochemicals, and food and beverage. They develop solutions for planning, asset management and process optimization. The company offers a unique blend of consulting services and software-based tools to enhance the profitability and smooth functioning of the client’s business. Their customized software tools interface seamlessly with existing ERP and database systems, and enable companies to leverage all the data available for optimal decision-making.

Optimal Solutions has deployed their solutions at numerous global companies like GE (plastics), Merck (pharmaceuticals) and EJ Gallo (winemaking) with immediate impact on the operations and profitability. Optimal Solutions main areas of expertise are:

AIMMS Service Partnership

In January 2004, Optimal Solutions and AIMMS signed the Service Partnership Agreement. Optimal Solutions had already been using the AIMMS modeling system for servicing their clients since their inception two years prior.

Case Studies 

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