OptaSoft was founded in 2004 by two professors, a PhD student at Budapest University of Technology and Economics, and a friend who happened to be a talented software engineer. Their combined extensive experience in consulting for chemical and related industries (petrochemicals, oil and gas, food, environmental issues, etc.) has helped them to quickly build a reputation for solving complex process modeling, design, process synthesis and optimization problems, including discrete decisions.

Based on their expertise, OptaSoft won an EU grant for the dissemination of applied optimization techniques within Hungarian industries very early in their operation.

AIMMS Service Partnership

In March 2006, OptaSoft and AIMMS signed a Service Partnership Agreement. Having finished the systems architecture document of the EU project (see below), OptaSoft decided to develop the model building software environment in AIMMS because AIMMS provided them with all the necessary components (language, compilation, solvers, and GUI) in a single well-designed tool.

Applications and Solutions

OptaSoft has developed, together with the University, an MINLP model and software for successfully optimizing the European supply chain of a beer company.

OptaSoft conducts trainings and performs marketing campaigns to bring optimization technology to specific production sectors in Hungary.

Case Studies 


One-day trainings are organized on effective optimization for managers from sectors of production and logistics. The trainings include general introduction to industrial optimization problems, modeling, their relation to ERP, modeling and optimization tools, introduction to AIMMS, modeling and programming workshop.

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