ETP new AIMMS Service Partner in South Africa

ETP is a specialized South-African consultancy firm, providing independent advice to the energy, petrochemical and transport industries. ETP was founded in 1993 and has a team of experienced professionals available for consulting. For their services in Supply Chain Optimization, ETP frequently uses the AIMMS mathematical modeling tool.

“We required a cost effective platform for our mathematical modeling and found AIMMS to suit our and our client’s needs best. The product is scalable and its reporting capability makes it very easy to present complex results in easily understandable ways. It allows the flexibility to build complex models within a framework that manages the modeling process.” says Anton du Plooy, CEO at ETP.

Electronic Trading Projects (ETP) and AIMMS originally signed the Service Partnership Agreement in February of 2009, and continue to work together to deliver advanced solutions.

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