The consultancy firm CQM was founded in 1979 and provides insight, structure and optimal solutions to customers in a fact-based and quantitative way. Their solutions are supported by models and are always developed in close collaboration with their customers. For more than 30 years, CQM’s quantitative approach has proven its value, with over 300 customers worldwide, including Philips, ProRail, Heineken, DHL, Den Hartogh, ASML, NS, and FrieslandCampina.  CQM’s main areas of expertise are:

AIMMS Service Partnership In February 2004, CQM and AIMMS signed the AIMMS Service Partnership Agreement. CQM had already been using the AIMMS modeling system for almost 20 years, providing both application development and consultancy to their clients. CQM is available to work with customers in The Netherlands and in Germany. Applications and Solutions Some examples of solutions built in AIMMS by CQM are the design optimization tool COMPACT, the maintenance planning tool ORCA for ProRail, and a tire purchasing tool built for Leaseplan. Furthermore, CQM uses AIMMS extensively in consultancy assignments like distribution network optimization and warehouse allocation problems. Case Studies

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