Haarlem/Delft (The Netherlands) - Today, Outperform and Paragon Decision Technology signed the AIMMS Service Partnership Agreement. Paragon and Outperform share the passion to bring the power of mathematical modeling to business decisions at all levels.

“We are confident about the success of this partnership, we clearly have complementary skill sets and work with the same spirit”, says Gijs Dullaert, CEO of Paragon.

“AIMMS is the world’s most advanced development environment for building optimization based decision support applications and advanced planning systems. That claim is actually true” says Uneco de Meester, CEO of Outperform. “AIMMS is a key ingredient to Outperform’s focus on powerful and targeted solutions.”


Outperform currently develops 5 well defined solutions based on AIMMS:

  • Network Analysis
  • Master Production Planning
  • Sourcing Optimization
  • Formula Optimization
  • Energy Planning

Collectively, they represent a wide range of “better practice” international experiences on applying mathematical modeling software in the industry.

More details on Outperform solutions and services at www.outperform.nl.