After successfully developing North Star Alliance’s client health registration system, ORTEC has now delivered a new application that will assist North Star in determining optimal clinical locations and number of employees for its network of Roadside Wellness Centres (RWCs). The new solution is developed in cooperation with AIMMS.

The delivery of this new system, named POLARIS (Program for Optimizing the Long-term Achievements of the Roadside Wellness Centres Investment Strategy), enables us to select optimal Wellness Centre locations, taking into account important factors such as continuity of care and number of visitors” explains Luke Disney, Executive Director of North Star Alliance.

Health services for mobile populations

North Star Alliance started as a practical industry response to an urgent health problem and has matured into a balanced approach that meets industry, public health and individual needs by establishing a network of drop-in health clinics, called Roadside Wellness Centres, at truck stops, ports, rail junctions and border crossings in low-income countries. The RWCs offer essential healthcare and information to mobile populations and roadside communities who are often unable to access conventional community or in-company-based health services due to their itinerant working conditions.

ORTEC already provides invaluable support in this area with a customized client health registration system and passport system, called COMETS,” explains Luke Disney. “With POLARIS, ORTEC has developed an innovative application to help determine the optimal locations for North Star RWCs, without the need to invest a great deal of time and expense for research and data analysis. In our collaboration with ORTEC, we are always looking for ways how –in this case where – to best serve the truck drivers and the surrounding communities.”

‘Business Action on Health’ Awards

Earlier this year, the GBCHealth recognized ORTEC for its contribution to optimizing the logistical processes of North Star Alliance. “Our involvement in North Star’s mission to provide long distance truck drivers and corridor communities with sustainable access to healthcare and safety services has been extremely rewarding. For ORTEC, it is a real honor to have been recognized as a finalist in the 2011 Business Action on Health Awards,” adds Geerhard de Vries, VP Global Business Consulting for ORTEC.

About North Star Alliance

North Star Alliance is building networks of roadside health clinics at transport ‘hotspots’ in Africa so that long distance truck drivers and surrounding communities have sustainable access to basic health care.

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