Haarlem/Budapest (The Netherlands/Hungary) – Recently, OptaSoft Kft and Paragon Decision Technology BV signed an AIMMS Service Partnership Agreement. The partnership of OptaSoft and Paragon is expected to result in the delivery of combined services to Hungary and surrounding countries. While Paragon will deliver its standard optimization tool, OptaSoft will develop AIMMS’ solutions and services.

About OptaSoft

OptaSoft is an independent consulting company serving production companies with operations research solutions such as software products optimizing supply chain, shortterm planning, and scheduling, tailored to the special circumstances of the end-user.

OptaSoft’s focus is on services in the following industries:

  • Food production
  • Textile & chemicals production
  • Logistics

Recently, OptaSoft won a European grant (provided in 70% by EU and 30% by Hungary) for developing a mathematical modeling language and software to facilitate disseminating the use of mathematical modelling in Small and Middle scale Enterprizes (SME) in Hungary. AIMMS is also applied as a tool for developing this new software.

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