The Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources used AIMMS to analyze the relationships between forest condition, silvicultural practices, and benefits such as wood supply and potential wildlife habitat. This analysis enabled them to make quick and effective decisions about land use, habitat management and much more.

Strategic Forest Management Model (SFMM)
SFMM is a non-spatial forest modelling tool which allows users to analyse and represent large forested areas at a broad, strategic level. The model (PC-based software) is interactive, with graphical production capabilities. It enables the user to gain an understanding of how a forest develops through time and to explore alternative forest management strategies and trade-offs. The model is designed to be compatible with information currently available in Ontario. Enhancements of the model are ongoing, with the aim of including the ability to model habitat for a range of wildlife species, and to model tolerant hardwood forests managed under the selection silvicultural system.

The pictures below, illustrate the model approach of the OMNR and the SFMM model (click to enlarge).


Source: Forestry Division of the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources

Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources