A.T. Kearney and AIMMS Collaborate on Advanced Analytics

A.T. Kearney is a leading global management consulting firm focusing on strategic and operational CEO-agenda issues for the world’s leading organizations across all major industries and sectors. As experienced business consultants, A.T. Kearney understands that analytics is an increasingly important tool to drive growth, enhance productivity, and improve efficiency. Its Analytics Practice combines functional knowledge with advanced data management and analytics capabilities to help clients sustain a competitive edge across strategic business functions. A.T. Kearney has chosen AIMMS to support several Tier 1 US retail projects, with more to come.

Anshu Prasad, VP and Partner within A.T. Kearney’s Procurement & Analytic Practice explains, “AIMMS is an example of the sophisticated, highly customizable technologies we’re using more often to develop the advanced analytics solutions our clients and specialist practitioners require.”

Additionally, A.T. Kearney recently launched its Road Map to Advanced Analytics program, which focuses on crucial changes to organizational structure, governance processes, and resource plans to address identified capability gaps and develop a comprehensive transformation plan for organizations. Through the use of hands-on, collaborative efforts, and with the power of AIMMS optimization technologies behind it, A.T. Kearney helps its clients to transform their approach from a focus on reactive analytics to a focus on developing the anticipatory and predictive analytic capabilities that confer growing advantage.

AIMMS for Business

Americas News: Paragon Decision Technology Featured inside ORMS Today
As an official member of the INFORMS Roundtable, Paragon Decision Technology and AIMMS were featured inside the December 2012 issue of ORMS Today. To read the full story, click here.
Americas News: AIMMS at ICS Conference 2013

The ICS (INFORMS Computing Society) Conference 2013 was held January 6-8 in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and AIMMS Specialist Deanne Zhang spoke at the event about recently developed AIMMS Generic Benders Decomposition. The 250 attendees also learned about stochastic optimization, critical infrastructure, and using the AIMMS Generated Mathematical Programming library to implement their own optimization algorithms.

Contact: jill.lizardi@aimms.com or (425) 458-4024

EMEA News: Thames Water uses AIMMS to manage investments
Thames Water, Great Britain’s largest water and sewerage company, is using AIMMS to help plan strategic investments to balance the supply and demand of water for nearly 9 million customers. The economic analysis and optimization performed in AIMMS will help guide the hundreds of millions of pounds of investment required over the period of 2015 – 2040.Thames Water’s project manager Simon Pratt said, “AIMMS is a very flexible package that we are using to model a complicated problem. It allows us to keep the full audit trail to our planning process, which we absolutely require. There is also a great range of solver engines to choose from. Accuracy in the results is essential when every pound we spend ultimately comes from customers bills. We have partnered with some highly talented developers to create our model and are very pleased with the results; the robust optimization add-on will give us the ability to further develop our model in new ways in the future.”
EMEA News: AIMMS 2013 Partner Days
AIMMS’ 2013 Partner Days event took place in The Netherlands January 16-17, and welcomed partners from throughout the European region. Discussions this year included recent technical updates, the upcoming release of a web-based GUI, the redesign of aimms.com, marketing and sales trends, and extraordinary stories of successful AIMMS implementations. Thank you to all of the dedicated companies in our partner network who were able to attend and made the event so productive and enjoyable.Contact: christophe.frere@aimms.com or +31 235511512
AP News: Orbit Systems becomes new Service Partner
Orbit Systems recently became an official service partner in Asia after signing a partnership agreement starting January 2013. Orbit is a New Zealand owned Operations Research and Information Technology consulting company that provides solutions to complex business problems around the world. The consultants at Orbit Systems have advanced degrees in the theory of Operations Research, as well as years of practical application in this area.To date, the Orbit Systems team have helped organizations from a wide variety of industries including distribution, warehousing, energy, telecommunications, petroleum, health & fisheries. Their core capabilities include Linear, Quadratic and Non-Linear Programming, Dynamic Programming, including Stochastic Dynamic Programming, Stochastic Optimisation and Decision Trees, Game Theoretic models and Network modeling and routing. We welcome the entire Orbit Systems team to our Partner Network and look forward to seeing their successful uses of AIMMS!
AP Events: Singapore Management University to host AIMMS Presentation
On February 22, Ming Fang, Representative and Operations Research Consultant for AIMMS and Paragon Decision Technology, will be speaking at Singapore Management University, School of Information Systems on the topic of “Optimization: Making Business Intelligence Truly Intelligent”. For more information about this event, visit the seminar page.
AP Events: Supply Chain & Logistics Summit 2013
The Supply Chain & Logistics Summit 2013 was held at the Ritz Carlton in Singapore in early January. AIMMS attended the two-day event and saw much opportunity for optimization to play a role in solving the business problems of the supply chain and logisitics fields. The summit included streamed sessions with in-depth presentations and supply chain case studies from experts, which detailed practical advice and best practices for all supply chain and logistics practitioners. We look forward to attending again in 2014!Contact: lei.wang@aimms.com or +65 90913109

AIMMS Product News

2013 AIMMS-MOPTA Optimization Modeling Competition

The problem statement for the 2013 AIMMS-MOPTA Optimization Modeling competition has been released for students around the world to accept, solve and submit to the MOPTA jury by June 14. The jury selects three finalists who are invited to present their work at the August 14-16, 2013 MOPTA conference in Pennsylvania. Event hosts AIMMS and MOPTA encourage all students from around the world to participate and compete for the win! Visit the Competition section of the MOPTA 2013 Conference website for more information.

AIMMS SDK: Software Development Kit for Smooth Integration

The AIMMS SDK (Software Development Kit) is still available in beta and is being trialed by companies and organizations around the world. 
If you would like to learn more about the AIMMS SDK, or to begin a trial of your own, please contact us via email at info@aimms.com.

Jobs: We are hiring
Paragon is expanding rapidly and is looking for talented people in multiple positions and locations. Currently we are interested in hiring:

  • An Academic Program Manager (Netherlands based), to extend the academic presence of AIMMS and connect to our academic community.
  • Sales professionals (US based and Singapore based), to develop new business in the Americas and Asia-Pacific regions.
  • Software Developers Java and Javascript (Netherlands based), to further develop AIMMS and AIMMS PRO.
  • Operations Research Specialists (US and Singapore based), to support our AIMMS customers and partners worldwide to get the most out of AIMMS.

If you are interested or would like to recommend a candidate from your network, please contact us at jobs@aimms.com.

AIMMS Workshops
We regularly conduct 2-day workshops in all regions where you can train together with other Operations Research professionals to efficiently use the tools and features of AIMMS within your organization. Registration is open now – there are still seats available at these upcoming AIMMS Workshops:

  • Haarlem, The Netherlands: February 19-20, 2013
  • Bellevue, USA: March 12-13, 2013

Please visit our website for a complete schedule and registration details.

If you prefer to schedule a standard 2-day workshop on-premise at your company or are interested in a customized workshop, please send an e-mail to workshops@aimms.com.

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