2012 INFORMS Impact Prize honors Bisschop for AIMMS

During its Annual Meeting in Phoenix, INFORMS awarded the 2012 Impact Prize to Jan Bisschop, Kevin Cunningham, Robert Fourer, David Gay, Brian Kernighan, Bjarni Kristjansson, Alexander Meeraus, and Linus Schrage.

The awardees were trailblazers in developing the five most important algebraic modeling languages: AIMMS (Bisschop), AMPL (Fourer, Gay and Kernighan), GAMS (Bisschop and Meeraus), LINDO/LINGO (Cunningham and Schrage) and MPL (Kristjansson).

These systems effectively translate a mathematical model into a computer language, allowing the user to employ different optimization solvers. These modeling languages have been incorporated in general-purpose systems of large technical software companies, spreadsheet programs, mathematical modeling systems, and object-oriented programming languages.

“Even though I consider it an honor to be one of the recipients of the INFORMS Impact Prize, the price could as well have been given directly to Paragon instead of its founder. The creativity, hard work and persistence of all my previous colleagues at Paragon are the reason that AIMMS could eventually find its way into the market and convince bright modelers around the world to select AIMMS as their choice of modeling technology. Both Paragon and these modelers are the ones to be congratulated with their joint impact by supplying and applying Operations Research technology to solve real world problems to benefit society.” states Jan Bisschop, founder of Paragon and winner of the INFORMS® Impact Prize for AIMMS.

According to Gijs Dullaert, CEO of Paragon, the developers of AIMMS, “The recognition of the founding fathers of the modeling systems is a great gesture of the INFORMS Society. It recognizes the importance of modeling systems for both the optimization practice and all its beneficiaries. AIMMS has made its impact in more than way. From the very beginning Jan Bisschop has championed the user experience of the developer by not only offering a rich variety of language concepts, but also by providing graphical support during the construction of models and the presentation of model results to business users. That emphasis has provided AIMMS with its own unique setting in the arena of available modeling languages. We are happy for Jan that his vision has been recognized, and congratulate him as one of the recipients of this prestigious prize”.

Awarded every two years, the INFORMS® Impact Prize is a lifetime achievement award in the field of Operations Research. The prize highlights a tool, methodology or concept that has had wide-ranging impact on practice and society, with a very broad scope.

For more information, please visit the INFORMS News Room.

AIMMS for Business

Americas News: Kepler Research chooses AIMMS

Kepler Research provides government leaders with innovative solutions in acquisition services, information technology and advanced analytics. Kepler’s core capabilities in Advanced Analytics aid senior leaders in making the right decisions to advance their mission. Kepler supports a variety of Department of Defense (DoD) Services and Agencies including: Air Force, Defense Information Systems Agency, Missile Defense Agency, and Defense Intelligence Agency.

Dan Markowitz – Vice President Advance Programs, Kepler Research explains: “Kepler embraces optimization by using the AIMMS platform to generate solutions that provide significant business value to our clients. Kepler is currently developing a series of large-scale, complex solutions for clients using our Resource Allocation Model (RAM). A recent success was the development of a model that optimally assigned resources to fulfill critical mission requirements for a DoD Service. The model dealt with close to a million variables and constraints; dramatically reducing the time to schedule and deploy a large workforce. ”

Americas News: AIMMS’ experts awarded with the COIN-OR cup 2012

At the INFORMS Annual meeting on October 15th, the 2012 INFORMS COIN-OR Cup has been jointly awarded to the managers of three COIN-OR interfacing projects:

  • Marcel Hunting and Marcel Roelofs for AIMMSlinks
  • Bjarni Kristjansson for CoinMP
  • Michael Bussieck, Steven Dirkse, and Stefan Vigerske for GAMSlinks.

The award honors this group of projects that don’t do optimization directly, but provide software for a necessary service: interfacing. We are proud that our AIMMS experts, Marcel Roelofs and Marcel Hunting, and AIMMSlinks have received this recognition and congratulate the other COIN-OR cup winners.

For more information, please click here.

Americas Events: INFORMS Annual Meeting 2012 Presentations

We have just returned from the annual INFORMS meeting in Phoenix, Arizona and were excited to meet so many enthusiastic (new) users of AIMMS — both at the exhibition and at our AIMMS presentations and workshops.

We would like to make our presentations available for our AIMMS community:

  • “A Generic Benders Decomposition Algorithm for the AIMMS Modeling Language”, by Marcel Hunting: click here.
  • “AIMMSPRO, Seeing is Believing”, by Peter Nieuwesteeg: click here.

Contact: jill.lizardi@aimms.com or +1-425-458-4024

EMEA News: Cash, Growth and Profit
These are three important topics in the boardroom. AIMMS can help you with all three of them:

  • Optimizing cross-divisional operations will increase your efficiency, remove buffers, reduce working capital and improve your Free Cash Flow.
  • Today banks have stricter loan rules. A better cash flow position will speed up your growth ambition and can lead to gaining market share.
  • In a low margin industry, profit is the difference between a good plan and the best plan.

Like a true chess grandmaster, with AIMMS you can spot patterns in your operations at a glance and predict how the plan will unfold, giving you a portfolio of real options.

For more information on the benefits of AIMMS for your organization, please contact us.

EMEA Events: Optasoft seminar in Budapest
We recently participated in a successful seminar organized by our partner, Optasoft, on October 18th where we shared the benefits of optimization for the local manufacturing industry by presenting two appealing business cases about production scheduling & optimization.For more information, please visit our website.

EMEA Events: EDPN Conference 2012
The first European Decision Professionals Network (EDPN) event in Amsterdam was highly successful. If you are a decision professional and would like to exchange your practical experience, knowledge and ideas with other decision professionals, you might want to join our EDPN Linkedin group.

Contact: christophe.frere@aimms.com or +31 235511512

AP News: AIMMS part of the ELITe program
Paragon will participate in the ELITe Program with the Infocomm Development Authority (iDA) in Singapore in October this year. The ELITe program is a talent development program by iDA that aims to develop “industry-ready” infocomm graduates for the infocomm industry and various economic sectors.

The top universities involved in this program are the National University of Singapore (NUS), the National Technological University (NTU), the Singapore Management University (SMU), and the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD). The students will be given opportunities to acquire practical skills and exposure to the industry. Meanwhile, this program will further enhance our collaboration with the academic researchers in Singapore and introduce AIMMS to the participating students.

AP News: Successful GUROBI Seminar 2012
On October 4th, our VP Product Management, Sales and Marketing, Gertjan de Lange, spoke at the Gurobi Optimizer Solution Seminar 2012 in Tokyo, Japan, which was organized by our distributor, October Sky. His presentation was received very well by the 100+ audience and included the business value achieved by Edelman Award-winning AIMMS’ clients TNT Express and Midwest ISO, as well as Viridity Energy’s unique software solution.
AP Events:
On October 23rd, we participated in the Singapore Electricity Roundtable held by the Singapore Energy Market Company at Marina Bay Sands Conference Center. More than 200 participants from Singapore and other countries in Asia Pacific and Europe were present for the Roundtable.Participants included CEOs, managing directors and key figures from the electricity and energy industries (such as market participants of the NEMS), power generation suppliers, financial institutions and consultancies, as well as representatives from local and foreign government ministries and agencies.
AP Events: NTU Analytics Promotional Event

Please join us for the Analytics Promotional Event organized by the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore on October 31st. We will introduce AIMMS and the value it provides for business, as well as for academic and industrial participants.

Contact: pim.beers@aimms.com or +65 9640 4182

AIMMS Product News

AIMMS 3.13 Feature Release 1 available
We have just released AIMMS 3.13 FR1 which offers many changes, extensions and improvements.As most important extension in this release, we officially introduce support for the Constraint Programming (CP) paradigm in AIMMS. CP is most effective on highly combinatorial problem domains, such as timetabling, sequencing and resource-constrained scheduling. For more information on CP, including detailed examples and presentations, please visit our website.

For a complete overview of the changes, extensions and improvements of AIMMS 3.13 FR1, please visit our website.

AIMMS 3.13 FR1 is available to everyone who is trying out AIMMS and to everyone with an AIMMS license that is in maintenance (btw: all educational licenses are in maintenance and therefore allow usage of Feature Releases). If you do not have a maintained license, you can

request a trial license or apply for maintenance on an existing license at info@aimms.com.

Jobs: We are hiring
Paragon is expanding rapidly and is therefore looking for talented people in multiple positions and locations. Currently we are interested in hiring:

  • An Academic Program Manager (Netherlands based), to extend the academic presence of AIMMS and connect our academic community
  • Sales professionals (US and Singapore based), to develop new business in the Americas and Asia-Pacific regions
  • Software Developers Java (Netherlands based), to further develop AIMMS and AIMMS PRO
  • Operations Research Specialists (US and Singapore based), to support our AIMMS customers and partners worldwide getting the most out of AIMMS

If you are interested or would like to recommend a candidate from your network, please contact us at jobs@aimms.com.

AIMMS Workshops
We regularly conduct 2-day workshops in all regions where you can train together with other Operations Research professionals to efficiently use the tools and features of AIMMS within your organization. Registration is open now — there are still seats available at these upcoming AIMMS Workshops:

  • Bellevue, WA, US: November 13-14
  • Singapore: November 14-15
  • Haarlem, The Netherlands: December 5-6
  • Shanghai, China: December 11-12

Please visit our website for a complete schedule and registration details.

If you prefer to schedule a standard 2-day workshop on-premise at your company or are interested in a customized workshop, please send an e-mail to workshops@aimms.com.

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