Paragon’s CEO has moved to the Seattle office

Our CEO, Gijs Dullaert, has moved from Haarlem, The Netherlands to Seattle to lead the company from Paragon’s US office and to strengthen the foundation for Paragon’s ambitious growth plan in the coming years.

“Working in the US will give a much better feel of where and how we can add more value to our customers here, and where the opportunities for growth are in the US and the market in general.

Next to acting on opportunities in these markets, we live our vision of being a truly global company.

Moreover, a lot is happening in the US around Business Analytics, Big Data and Cloud Computing. The three combined have the potential of democratizing the use of intelligence in decision-making, which was until recently only available to the largest companies. This will have a huge impact on business in general and on our business in specific.

I view these developments as important catalysts for the execution of our mission of bringing the benefits of optimization to society worldwide. After all, AIMMS is all about making it easy and practical for all businesses to unleash the intelligence of their people and data through optimization.”

AIMMS for Business

Americas News: Suzano chooses UniSoma and AIMMS PRO
Suzano, one of the 10 largest cellulose producers in the world, has partnered with UniSoma to develop a tailor-made tool that will assist in decision making for the production, distribution and sales of cellulose.

The tool, based on AIMMS PRO, will optimize the production and multimodal distribution plans, daily ship loading, global stock balancing and client demand fulfillment on several continents.

To learn more about AIMMS PRO and experience what it can do for your organization, please visit our website or contact us.

Americas News: Testimonial from Viridity Energy
“Technology from AIMMS is a strategic component of Viridity Energy’s unique software solution, VPower™. VPower™ works within the existing operations of large energy users to give them the optimal demand management strategy to reduce their overall energy spent. AIMMS provides the computing engine associated with linear and non-linear computations, that is a key component of Viridity Energy’s optimization process. With support from AIMMS, VPower™ can give our customers customized decision-making tools to align their operations with load management strategies, turning sustainability into a smart economic choice.” Audrey Zibelman, CEO and Founder of Viridity Energy, Philadelphia.

For more client testimonials, please visit our website.

Americas Events: INFORMS Annual Meeting 2012
Join us at this year’s INFORMS Annual Meeting at the Phoenix Convention Center in Phoenix, Arizona – October 14-17, 2012.You can find us on the exhibition floor or at the following presentations and demonstrations:

  • AIMMS Workshop – noon Saturday, October 13We will give you an insight into AIMMS model building using real-life problems. We will show you how quick and easy it can be to develop an optimization model using AIMMS.
  • AIMMS presentation – 4.30 pm Sunday, October 14 in Suite 322 at the Hyatt Regency, Phoenix.Entitled: “A Generic Benders Decomposition Algorithm for the AIMMS Modeling Language”, we will present an implementation of Benders Decomposition in the AIMMS modeling language, that is easy to use on a broad class of problems,
  • AIMMS presentation – 8 am Monday, October 15 in Suite 322 at the Hyatt Regency, Phoenix.Our Senior Specialist and Edelman Laureate Peter Nieuwesteeg will provide visible evidence of the benefits of optimization in his presentation entitled: “Optimization, Seeing is Believing”.
  • AIMMS demonstration – 11 am Monday, October 15Using real-life examples, we will demonstrate quick and easy model development, versatile data visualization, and useful diagnostic tools to improve model performance. We will also show you how to deploy your solution in AIMMS PRO, our new optimization “App Store”.

Contact: or +1-425-458-4024

EMEA News: SAPA chooses CQM and AIMMS to optimize European metal planning
SAPA, world leader in aluminium solutions, has selected the quantitative consulting company CQM and AIMMS optimization technology to develop and optimize their pan-European metal planning and billet allocation process.Peter den Dikken, Sapa’s Global Director Strategic Sourcing, explains, ’An integrated holistic approach of our global sourcing process will lead to significant cost savings. With CQM and AIMMS I am convinced we will be making better decisions in the near future giving us an additional competitive edge.’
To read the complete article, please visit our website.
EMEA Events: EDPN Conference 2012
Join us for the first conference of the European Decision Professionals Network (EDPN) which will be held in Amsterdam, The Netherlands on October 4-5, 2012.As a sponsor we will be present at this conference titled: ‘Competing through quality of strategic decisions – Enhancing competitiveness by adopting structured decision analysis practices’.

The goal of the first EDPN conference is to kick-start a community of Decision Professionals across Europe who believe in the power of decision quality as a competitive differentiator.

Contact: or +31 235511512

AP News: IDSC new AIMMS Service Partner
Integrated Decision Systems Consultancy Pte Ltd (IDSC) and Paragon have signed an AIMMS Service Partnership Agreement. IDSC is a consultancy firm based in Singapore that specializes in operations research/management science.

Having worked together on a collection-planning model for the National Library Board in Singapore, IDSC chose to use AIMMS in their solution. The objective of this solution is to maximize loans, subject to constraints (such as budget, collection norm, shelf space, weeding, and limits to collection growth).

Results showed that optimization of the category mix can lead to 14-20% increase in loans and can also help libraries sustain loan performance in the face of budget cuts. Indications are that this same model can also be applied to bookstores and retail chains in general.

For more information on this case, please visit our website.

For more information on IDSC, please click here.

AP Events: Gurobi Optimizer Seminar in Tokyo, Japan
On October 4 our VP Product Management, Sales and Marketing, Gertjan de Lange, will speak at the Gurobi Optimizer Solution Seminar 2012 in Tokyo, Japan. His presentation will include the business value that was achieved by the Edelman award winning AIMMS’ clients TNT Express and Midwest ISO, as well as Viridity energy’s unique software solution,VPower™. In addition, he will be on hand in Tokyo, Japan and Seoul, South Korea for various customer meetings. In case you are interested in discussing the possibilities of our AIMMS software, please contact our VP Asia Pacific, Pim Beers, who will be joining him on this trip.

Contact: or +65 9640 4182

AIMMS Product News

AIMMS SDK: Software Development Kit for smooth integration
Over the last year, we have developed the AIMMS SDK (Software Development Kit) and are currently running our beta program. We expect a Fall 2012 release.

The AIMMS SDK allows you to integrate an AIMMS model into your application by using either the Java, C# or C++ programming language. Typically you would use the AIMMS SDK to create an AIMMS session running the model, assign data from your application to AIMMS identifiers, run an AIMMS procedure to solve the AIMMS model, and Retrieve the solution data to your application from the AIMMS identifiers.

If you would like to learn more about the AIMMS SDK, please contact us so that we can share the beta program and our documentation.

Upcoming AIMMS 3.13 FR1
The first Feature Release of AIMMS 3.13 will offer many changes, extensions and improvements.Amongst others, the completely new Integrated Development Environment gives AIMMS a different look and works the same in the 64-bit version as in the 32-bit version. There will also be 64-bit support for the ActiveX objects (such as the 2D/3D chart, slider, etc.), making your GUI’s compatible between the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of AIMMS. The AIMMS Excel Add-In can now be run in combination with the 64-bit version of Microsoft Excel.Furthermore, AIMMS 3.13 FR1 has support for the Constraint Programming (CP) paradigm. CP is most effective on highly combinatorial problem domains, such as timetabling, sequencing and resource constrained scheduling.

We expect to release AIMMS 3.13 FR1 in October 2012.

Jobs: We are hiring
There are currently several vacancies at Paragon:

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We regularly conduct 2-day workshops in all regions where you can train together with other operations research professionals to efficiently use the tools and features of AIMMS within your organization. Registration is open now — there are still seats available at these upcoming AIMMS Workshops:

Bellevue, WA, US: November 13-14

Singapore: November 14-15

Haarlem, The Netherlands: December 5-6

Shanghai, China: December 11-12

Please visit our website for a complete schedule and registration details.

If you prefer to schedule a standard 2-day workshop on-premise at your company or are interested in a customized workshop, please send an e-mail to

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