Optimize Anywhere: AIMMS PRO Released

On June 15, Paragon Decision Technology has launched the AIMMS PRO Platform, our Publishing and Remote Optimization Platform. AIMMS PRO is a revolutionary product in the field of optimization technology and will change the way we enable the use of optimization everywhere. To learn more about AIMMS PRO and experience what it can do for your organization, please visit www.aimms.com/aimms-pro-platform.


Testimonial – Astral Foods

One of our early adopters of AIMMS PRO is Astral Foods of South Africa. Working closely with our partner UniSoma, they have rolled out various optimization solutions using AIMMS PRO, in order to better support their business users. This is what they have to say: “AIMMS PRO allows optimization to become a corporate solution instead of just a technical tool. The transparent licensing, updating of applications, and optimization that is done on the server eliminates the need to micro-manage users. In the end, it simply makes implementation faster and easier.” Andries Steyn, Project Coordinator at Astral Foods.


AIMMS for Business

Americas News: Introduction of our new Business Development Manager
We are happy to introduce Jill Lizardi, Paragons new Business Development Manager for the North America region. Jill brings 19+ years in Tier 1 sales and sales management in IT consulting, outsourcing, custom software development, and integration. Her leadership experience spans the Fortune 100, multiple industry verticals, and strategic partnerships & alliances. “I look forward to introducing myself to our North American client base; learning more about your current use of AIMMS and how I can support your future optimization needs.”

 Connect to Jill Lizardi on LinkedIn.

Contact: jill.lizardi@aimms.com or +1-425-458-4024

Americas News: Finalists of AIMMS MOPTA Modeling Competition 2012 Announced

On June 21st, the finalists of this year’s AIMMS MOPTA modeling competition were announced. They are:

– Team Yie Calindo, University at Buffalo (SUNY), USA

– Team SMART, University of Twente, The Netherlands

– Team Smart Power Engineers, TU Berlin, Germany

An honorable mention is given to Team Management Science Lab from the Department of Industrial Engeneering at Korea University. We congratulate all of the contestants with their outstanding AIMMS-based projects in undertaking this year’s challenge, “Scheduling in SmartGrids”.

The winner will be selected during the 12th Annual MOPTA conference which will be held at Lehigh University from July 30-August 1, 2012.

EMEA News: Shell and Deutsche Post DHL

Deutsche Post DHL has recently conducted a scenario study, “Delivering Tomorrow: Logistics 2050”. The study examines five different scenarios of life in the year 2050 and what the implications could be for the logistics business. Last week DHL premiered a video in which Frank Appel, CEO Deutsche Post DHL, states: “Only those who think about alternatives can devise robust strategies”.

A careful observer might see a similarity with the famous Shell Scenarios, currently named “Scramble” and “Blueprint”.

We are very pleased that both Shell and Deutsche Post DHL rely on AIMMS technology to optimize their company’s assets.

Paragon will participate at the Supply Chain FORUM D’ÉTÉ in Paris on July 11th.

Please contact us if you want to meet us at the event or request an on-site meeting at your office.

Contact: christophe.frere@aimms.com or +31 235511512

AP Events: Chief China Representative visits North of China
From July 21 to July 30, our Chief China Representative will visit Qingdao, Dalian, and Xi’an for various conferences and customer visits. If you are interested in meeting with him to discuss how AIMMS’ software and services can help you make better decisions, please contact us.

AP Events: Chief China Representative visits Korea
During the first two weeks of July, our Chief China Representative will be visiting Korea to work together with some of our customers and partners. If you are interested in meeting with him to discuss how AIMMS’ software and services can help you make better decisions, please contact us.

Contact: pim.beers@aimms.com or +65 9640 4182

AIMMS Product News

From our blog: Keyboard shortcuts for AIMMS

To keep our community informed on tips and tricks in AIMMS, we regularly post new items on our blog.

One of our recent and much visited posts gives an overview of the keyboard shortcuts that are available in AIMMS. Although a lot of people prefer to work with the mouse, there is also a large group of users who prefer to use the keyboard as much as possible. Therefore, AIMMS provides a number of keyboard shortcuts that allow for quick access to certain features within AIMMS.

To read the post or to see a list of keyboard shortcuts that are available in AIMMS, please visit our blog page.

AIMMS Workshops

We regularly conduct 2-day workshops in all regions where you can train together with other operations research professionals to efficiently use the tools and features of AIMMS within your organization. Registration is open now — there are still seats available at these upcoming AIMMS Workshops:

Singapore: August 15-16

Bellevue, WA, US: August 21-22

Shanghai: September 11-12

Haarlem, the Netherlands: September 26-27

Please visit our website for a complete schedule and registration details.

If you prefer to schedule a standard 2-day workshop on-premise at your company or are interested in a customized workshop, please send an e-mail to workshops@aimms.com.

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