CLH Aviation selects AIMMS PRO Platform

‘With the AIMMS PRO platform, we are investing in the future now having one standardized optimization platform for all our planning and optimization requirements. Operations Research techniques, and optimization in particular, has always been one of our main competitive advantages, and now we are taking another step in this direction ’, says Mr. Jorge Guillén, Managing Director of CLH Aviation.

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AIMMS for Business

Americas News: Succesful OR in Brazil

“During our Brazilian road trip last month, we were overwhelmed with the enthusiasm and energy of our Brazilian customers and partners. They are continuously applying AIMMS into successful optimization solutions to increase business performance. We met with users in the oil & gas industries, in supply chain network planning and distribution, food & wood production, manufacturing and more. It’s always thrilling to see the potential of OR come to life! Thanks for your insights.” Paco Cruz, Director – Americas.

Americas Events: “Success Stories” Webinars Encore Presentation
Our 30-minute “Success Stories” webinars will be made available once again in the month of August. These non-technical seminars – one each in the fields of Energy Production & Distribution, Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management, Transportation, and Oil and Mining – include compelling real-life examples of successful companies that have applied optimization across their organizations to drive innovation and improve performance in the face of increased business complexity. If you know of others within your organization that might benefit from one (or more) of these seminars, please forward the information to them and encourage them to register!

August 23 11:00 (PDT) – Energy Production & Distribution: Register here

August 23 13:00 (PDT) – Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management: Register here

August 25 11:00 (PDT) – Transportation Logistics: Register here

August 25 13:00 (PDT) – Oil and Mining: Register here

Contact: or +1 (425) 458 4024

EMEA News: Princeps launches new applications for optimized refinery operations
Davide Hamid Chehade, General Manager of Princeps explains ‘We are pleased with the launching of Compass and Optimix because they add value to the refinery operations of our clients. The expected benefit of each of these applications is in the magnitude of 10-20 cents/crude oil barrel. We selected the modeling software AIMMS because of its flexibility and speed in adapting our model to various refinery operations and its ease of use in capturing any specific rule and/or constraint which can have impact on the final optimized result.’

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EMEA Events:

Paragon will be the main sponsor of the OR 2011 Event, which will be held between August 30 and September 2 at the University of Zurich. This international conference is organized every four years by the German speaking OR societies from Austria (OEGOR), Germany (GOR) and Switzerland (SVOR). Paragon is also an invited speaker where we will share our experience in winning the prestigious 2011 Franz Edelman Award which recognizes excellence in the execution of operations research.

Contact: or +31 652350454

AP News: October Sky introduces AIMMS to Japanese market
Our Japanese distributor October Sky Co., Ltd. and their partner JFE Systems, Inc. are working together to provide an AIMMS based logistics solution to one of their customers in Japan. Shigeru Watada, Director of October Sky Co., Ltd: “I am happy to be the partner delivering AIMMS to the Japanese market. The wonderful functionality available in AIMMS is key for our customer’s success in optimization. I am sure that many Japanese companies that are interested in solutions powered by optimization will choose AIMMS to meet their requirements”.

AP Events: AIMMS Workshop and China AIMMS Demonstrations
On August 17-18 a two-day AIMMS workshop will be hosted in Singapore. During August 22-26 our Asia Pacific sales representative will be visiting various companies in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Nanjing together with our Chinese reseller EdgeStone Information Technologies. Please contact us if you would like to arrange for an in-company demonstration of the benefits of AIMMS for your organization.

Contact: or +65 9640 4182

AIMMS Product News

AIMMS PRO Platform

Later this year, we will officially launch our new “Publishing and Remote Optimization Platform”, also called the AIMMS PRO Platform. Without revealing too many details, the AIMMS PRO Platform is a revolutionary product that will create a new world of opportunities for operations research. It will enable you to manage roll-outs of your (AIMMS-based) optimization solutions in a simple and efficient manner to many remote decision makers. Your solutions will be made available through a web portal and will make use of ‘solver’ calculation power on the server, completely removing the need for local installations and enabling optimal use of your optimization platform.

Look in future newsletters for additional information about the new AIMMS PRO Platform.

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