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Recent highlights

  • News from our AIMMS Release team
  • Dealing with uncertainty: how do you deal with price or demand fluctuations?
  • Educational Program: get your Free AIMMS Academic License

Customer in the spotlight

  • Oil & Gas: GDF Suez – Production planning and flexibility allocation


  • MOPTA 2010: Portfolio management
  • Optimula 2010: Modeling competition for Spanish students
  • INFORMS 2010: Railway Application Section Competition

Conference information and workshops

  • AIMMS at upcoming conferences
  • Recent presentations at conferences
  • Workshop Calendar

Recent highlights

News from our AIMMS Release Team

In May and September, we have released the first and second Feature Release of AIMMS 3.11. Both releases offer exciting new features, such as:

  • Robust Optimization add-on which is a new technique to incorporate uncertainty of data (e.g. price, temperature) in your modeling and decision making process.  For more details, see our next item in this newsletter.
  • Model Edit functions: dynamically create, execute, use, and modify model code (identifiers, procedures and such). This means you can perform tasks and create features in your AIMMS solutions that were not possible before such as automated modeling tasks (e.g. database interface generation), handling end-user proprietary information (e.g. input blend rules) or creating dynamic data reports.

For a complete overview of all new features please click here.

Any feedback or suggestions, please contact us:

Mischa Bronstring and Bianca Rosegaar

Mischa Bronstring and Bianca Rosegaar (the AIMMS Release Team)

Dealing with uncertainty

If the complexity of your business increases and you need to make decisions based on data that is not known or uncertain (think of fuel price, wind velocity or customer demand) you can apply various optimization modeling techniques to make your decisions more robust. In AIMMS, there are several techniques to include uncertainty in your models:

  • Scenario Analysis
  • Stochastic Programming
  • Robust Optimization *NEW*

Want to read more: Download the complete article ‘Dealing with Uncertainty’.

Example: Power System Expansion using Robust Optimization.

We can help you:  Including uncertainty in your decision process is not necessarily easy but we can help. Contact our team of experts and learn more about uncertainty modeling in your business using AIMMS:

Educational program: Free AIMMS Academic License

We have extended our educational program with a free unrestricted license of AIMMS for academic use by students, teachers, professors, and researchers. Even better, this Free AIMMS Academic License includes unrestricted world-class solvers (CPLEX, GUROBI, MOSEK, XA, CONOPT, SNOPT, MINOS, LGO, PATH, IPOPT, CBC are all at your disposal).

This means you can formulate and solve almost any problem and do comparative analysis to see which solver works best for your models. Of course, we also added our recently released Robust Optimization add-on to create Robust LP and MIP optimization models.

For details and registration, visit MyFreeAcademicLicense

The AIMMS Academic License can be used by your students when you are organizing a modeling competition or as part of your modeling classes. See examples of competions in the next sections of this newsletter.

Customer in the spotlight

GDF Suez: Production planning & flexibility allocation at multi-user LNG terminal

The Center of Expertise in Economic Modeling and Studies (CEEMS) of GDF SUEZ has used the AIMMS modeling system to develop a management tool for an LNG terminal, ensuring fair treatment of the multiple users of the terminal, while maximizing production and flexibility.

Continue to read the complete case study.


Winners modeling competition MOPTA 2010

The AIMMS modeling competition ended at MOPTA 2010 with announcing Team ORTEC (Gouda, The Netherlands) as the winner. The challenge was to design a tool in AIMMS to optimize a portfolio in the presence of different tax rules.

Have look at the excellent presentations, reports and models of the three finalist teams.

Optimula 2010

The winners of the Spanish modeling competition Optimula 2010 have been awarded. According to professor Miguel Ortega Mier of the Polytechnic University of Madrid: “This modeling competition is a very efficient and stimulating way to have students work together and apply their modeling classes to real life problems. Working with AIMMS ensures their focus on the actual modeling and solving and not on any programming.”

Read more on the Optimula 2010 page.

INFORMS Railway Application Section Competition 2010: ‘Locomotive Fueling Plan Optimization’.

AIMMS experts Ming Fang and Deanne Zhang of our US office are participating in this INFORMS competition. Its purpose is to present a challenging problem in the railway area, and have participants with OR background to solve it. Our team is using AIMMS as the main modeling tool to develop and solve the problem. The solution is presented with AIMMS GUI.

According to Ming Fang: “It is a great competition that enables us to demonstrate the strengths of AIMMS in this particular INFORMS section and the railway industry.“

See for more details.

Conference information and workshops

AIMMS at upcoming conferences

You can meet our experts at the following upcoming conferences.

Operations Research Society of Japan (November 5, 2010, Tokyo, Japan)

Presenter: Pim Beers, VP Asia Pacific

INFORMS Annual meeting (November 7-10 2010, Austin TX, USA)

Our AIMMS experts will be presenting the following lectures:

  • A Real Time Optimization Application for Process Industries by Ming Fang, AIMMS Specialist
  • Robust Optimization in Action by Peter Nieuwesteeg, Senior AIMMS Specialist
  • Remote Optimization using AIMMS
by Peter Nieuwesteeg, Senior AIMMS Specialist
  • AIMMS Optimization Modeling Platform – Transformation of OR to Business Value by Gertjan de Lange, VP Product Strategy, Marketing & Sales
  • Robust Optimization Put into Practice by Marcel Hunting, Lead Algorithmic Capabilities Group

GOR Practice meeting (November 18-19, 2010, Bas Honnef, Germany)

Title: Building & Deploying Optimization solutions with AIMMS

Presenter: Gertjan de Lange, VP Product Strategy, Marketing & Sales

APORS 2010 (December 5-8, 2010, Penang, Malysia)

Presenter: Pim Beers, VP Asia Pacific

ICOTA 8 (December 10-13, 2010, Shanghai, China)

Presenter: Pim Beers, VP Asia Pacific

Recent presentations at conferences

Euro 2010: Adaptable Robust Optimization and Chance Constraints approximation using automatic model generation in AIMMS by Dr. Ovidiu Listes

Euro 2010: Challenge of Teaching OR by Gertjan de Lange

OR 52: Developing OR Application Skills with AIMMS by Dr. Ovidiu Listes

Workshop Calendar

November 17-18, 2010 Bellevue WA, US

December 15-16, 2010 Haarlem, Netherlands

January 19-20, 2011 Singapore

To sign up, please use the registration form on our AIMMS Workshops page.

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