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  • Production Release of AIMMS 3.10
  • Modeling Competitions
  • User Meeting at EURO conference
  • Links to COIN-OR Solvers Available
  • Tutorials in French and German
  • AIMMS Videos

AIMMS reference cases

  • Study: Risk Management in the Oil Supply Chain
  • Other Cases in Petrochemicals


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Recent Highlights

Production Release of AIMMS 3.10

On March 10, we have issued the Production Release of AIMMS 3.10. This version will contain all new features that were introduced in the three AIMMS 3.10 Feature Releases during 2009, such as:

  • Installation-free AIMMS versions which require no installation
  • Error handling capabilities; interrupting slow statements
  • Pivot Table: storing and managing different views (states); grid focus indicator; assertion functionality to implement data validity checks
  • GUI: Adding tooltips to buttons; aligning GUI objects by coordinates; tag names for tabbed/indexed page objects; optional Y2-axis
  • Links to Gurobi 2.0 and CPLEX 12.1, both including parallel threads at no additional charge
  • Math Program Inspector: IIS Support for MIP; changing matrix coefficients directly
  • Accessing easily the text representation of your model and using it as primary source
  • Tracing option for database communication

Read more about AIMMS 3.10.

Modeling Competitions


MOPTA 2010

Following a successful international competition last year around a case on maintenance scheduling, the AIMMS/MOPTA Optimization Modeling Competition 2010 centers around a case on tax-aware portfolio optimization. The full assignment is now available, so teams can get started straight away. Submissions are due by May 31 and the finals will be at the MOPTA conference on August 18-20. Sign up now!

Optimula 2010
The Polytechnic University of Madrid (UPM) will launch a Spanish modeling competition: Optimula 2010.More information can be found on the Optimula 2010 website

Please check our website for more information on these modeling competitions.

User Meeting at EURO Conference

The next AIMMS User Meeting is planned at the EURO XXIV conference in Lisbon on Tuesday 13 July 2010. We invite all current and prospective AIMMS Users to participate in this meeting. You will hear about the newest AIMMS features and development plans, you can share your experience and feedback, and you can meet other AIMMS Users and talk to AIMMS experts.

If you would like to participate, please send your name and contact details via e-mail to us.

In addition to the links from AIMMS to many powerful commercial solvers, there are now also links from AIMMS to two COIN-OR solvers: CBC for LP/MIP and IPOPT for NLP. These links are available under the Common Public License from the new COIN-OR project AIMMSlinks. This project is dedicated to the development of links between AIMMS and solvers that are hosted at COIN-OR.

For more details, links and download options, please go to the COIN-OR section on our website

Tutorials in French and German

The AIMMS Tutorial for Beginners is now also available in French and German, developed in collaboration with the universities of Liège and Aachen. Versions in English, Spanish and Hugarian were already available earlier. The self-guided tutorial takes the user through the basic steps of making an optimization application with AIMMS: defining a model, entering data, solving the model, and visualizing the results in a tailored GUI. The tutorial can be completed in approximately one hour.

You can download the Tutorials from our website.

AIMMS Videos

We have created a set of “how-to” videos, aimed at showing newcomers quickly how to create an optimization model in AIMMS in 10 easy steps. These AIMMS videos are available on our website, along with the other introductory materials such as the manuals, tutorials, application examples and G-AIMMS games.

AIMMS reference cases

Study: Risk Management in the Oil Supply Chain; a CVaR Approach

PUC-Rio has developed an AIMMS optimization model for the long-range planning of the investment portfolio in the oil supply chain. Their stochastic model contained twelve scenarios, addressing three sources of uncertainty: supply, demand and price. The conditional value-at-risk (CvaR) is used as a risk measure. The variation in the expected NPV is US$ 36 million, demonstrating the importance of taking uncertainties into account.

Read the full article

Other Cases in Petrochemicals

On the AIMMS website, you can find other reference cases in oil, gas, chemicals and related industries, from companies such as Shell, Petrobras and INEOS:

Send in your AIMMS Reference Case

On our website you can find more reference cases describing the benefits achieved with AIMMS applications in different industries and business processes. If you are also willing to share your AIMMS Reference Case with us and with others, we look forward to hearing from you via


AIMMS at Upcoming Conferences

April 15-16: OR-Practice Meeting at TNT-Express
The German GOR working group on OR in Practice will organize its upcoming meeting in collaboration with the Dutch NGB at TNT-Express near Arnhem, The Netherlands. The topic for the meeting is “Mathematical Optimization in Goods Transport Logistics”. The program includes speakers from industry & academia and a guided tour of the TNT Express hub.

The full program is available on the GOR website.
April 18-20: 2010 INFORMS 2010 Practice Conference, Orlando FL, USA

Hear what top companies around the world have to say about what OR and analytics can do for your organization! At the AIMMS exhibition booth and in several focused AIMMS presentations throughout the conference you can hear how AIMMS contributes.

May 21-25: Chinese Symposium on Mathematical Programming, Shanghai, China

Paragon and their Taiwan-based reseller Simweb will be present during the 8th Chinese Symposium on Mathematical Programming, which will be held at the Shanghai University.

July 11-14: EURO XXIV, Lisbon, Portugal

At the annual EURO conference, you attend our presentations about fast optimization modeling with AIMMS, about Robust Optimization, and about teaching OR. And don’t forget to participate in the AIMMS User Meeting at the conference, and to drop by at our exhibit for any questions!

August 18-20: MOPTA, Lehigh University, Bethlehem PA, USA
Meet and interact with distinguished speakers at this medium-scale conference on Modeling and Optimization: Theory and Applications. The conference program also includes the finals of the AIMMS modeling competition.

September 1-3: OR 2010 Conference, Munich, Germany

Of course you can meet us again at our exhibit at the annual conference of the GOR. We will contribute a presentation about the use of AIMMS in teaching OR, and a presentation about deploying practical AIMMS applications to end-users.  

September 7-9: OR 52 Conference, London, UK

At the UK OR Society’s annual conference, you can meet us at the AIMMS exhibit and learn more about the benefits of AIMMS for students, researchers and industrial OR practitioners during our presentation  

Read more about these and other OR conferences on our website.

Workshop Calendar

We offer 2-day AIMMS workshops where you learn how to use and enjoy AIMMS, in small groups and with hands-on exercises. We have scheduled the following workshop dates and locations:

  • April 14-15 in Singapore
  • April 21-22 in Haarlem (Netherlands)
  • May 17-18 in Birmingham (UK)
  • May 19-20 in Kirkland, WA (USA)
  • June 16-17 in Haarlem (Netherlands)
  • July 13-14 in Singapore
  • August 18-19 in Kirkland, WA (USA)
  • September 15-16 in Haarlem (Netherlands)

To sign up, please use the registration from our AIMMS Workshops page.

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