Recent highlights

  • New features in AIMMS 3.9
  • Gurobi new solver in AIMMS
  • Reselling MOSEK
  • Plans for Robust Optimization in AIMMS
  • AREVA T&D and Paragon renew agreement
  • ETP new AIMMS Service Partner in South Africa
  • AIMMS Google Group launched
  • Modeling Competition
  • Free Student License

AIMMS reference cases

  • Votorantim Cimentos – Strategic Planning Optimizer
  • Aracruz – Optimized Density for Wood Supply Planning
  • Cenibra – Central Logistics System


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  • AIMMS at upcoming conferences
  • Workshop calendar
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Recent Highlights

New features in AIMMS 3.9

We are currently finalizing AIMMS 3.9, to be released in March 2009. The following new features will become available:

  • Nonlinear Math Program Inspector
  • New version of the MOSEK solver
  • New CPLEX and AOA solver options
  • Enhanced pivot table functionality
  • Enhancements of the GIS link, Gantt chart, and pie chart
  • Additional database functionality

GUROBI new solver in AIMMS

AIMMS 3.9 will also include support for the brand-new high-performance solver Gurobi, developed by Zonghao Gu, Edward Rothberg and Robert Bixby. The first version of Gurobi (1.0) can handle LP & MIP problems; future versions will also handle QP problems. Gurobi will also be included in the free AIMMS trial license, so you can test its performance for your specific application.

Read more about Gurobi.

Reselling MOSEK

Per AIMMS 3.9, we will also be able to resell MOSEK of which we only offered the link only part up till AIMMS 3.8. MOSEK will also be included in the free AIMMS trial license, so you can test its performance for your specific application.

Read more about MOSEK.


Plans for Robust Optimization in AIMMS

Paragon has signed an agreement to develop Robust Optimization support for AIMMS. For this, we are going to work together with Prof. Aharon Ben-Tal of the Technion Israel Institute of Technology, foremost authority in the field of Robust Optimization and its applications. Robust Optimization is a rather new modeling methodology for decision making under uncertainty. Robustness of decisions is defined in terms of the best performance against the worst possible realization of the model parameters values within the prescribed uncertainty set.

Read more about our plans for offering Robust Optimization.


AREVA T&D and Paragon renew agreement

AREVA T&D’s Network Management Systems business unit and Paragon Decision Technology have recently renewed their Business Partnership Agreement. Since the mid-nineties, AIMMS has provided AREVA T&D the tool to create leading-edge solutions for worldwide deregulated and competitive electricity markets. We are honored that AIMMS plays an essential role in AREVA T&D’s business success and we are very pleased with AREVA T&D’s recognition of our role by renewing this agreement.

Read more about AREVA’s use of AIMMS.


ETP new AIMMS Service Partner in South Africa

The South African consultancy company ETP has recently joined the global network of official AIMMS Service Partners. ETP is specialized in providing Supply Chain Optimization advice and applications to the energy, petrochemical and transport industries.

Read more about the partnership with ETP.


AIMMS Google Group launched

To provide an on-line forum for discussion between current and prospective AIMMS users, we have launched a Google group. You can join and participate in the lively discussions at

Modeling Competition

It is with great pleasure and anticipation that we announce the first AIMMS Optimization Modeling Competition for graduate students. The competition is organized together with the conference organizers of MOPTA. The deadline for submissions is April 30, so please sign up!

Visit the MOPTA website for problem description and registration.


Free Student License

To enable students to use AIMMS even if their university does not have an AIMMS Educational License Package, we are now offering a free AIMMS Student License. This license includes several powerful solvers (including GUROBI, MOSEK, CPLEX, and CONOPT) but has restrictions on the problem size.

Read more about using AIMMS in education.

AIMMS Reference Cases

In this section, we would like to put the spotlight on UniSoma, our AIMMS Service Partner in Brazil. Over the last five years, UniSoma has delivered successful AIMMS-based solutions to many customers. “AIMMS’ agile and user friendly development environment allows UniSoma to create complex Optimization Systems in record time” says Eduardo Milanez of Unisoma.

Read more about the following reference cases on UniSoma’s partner page:


Votorantim Cimentos – Strategic Planning Optimizer

To determine the correct business strategy for Votorantim Cimentos, UniSoma developed a Strategic Planner in AIMMS. The objective of the system is to allow Votorantim to evaluate initiatives of its investments over a long period of time (20 to 30 years) as well as optimizing the raw materials supply chain and the cement distribution plan.


Aracruz – Optimized Density for Wood Supply Planning

In a period of 4 months, UniSoma developed a wood transport and supply planning prototype system. Written in AIMMS, and based on a Mixed Integer Programming Model, the system was able to create transportation and production plans with significant reduction in wood density variation over time at each mill.


Cenibra – Central Logistics System

Unisoma’s system for Cenibra integrates the daily scheduling plan for transportation from wood stands to mills, the stock policy for the pulp mill, and the daily chip production line supply scheduling. The model provides a solution that compromises between different and possibly conflicting objectives.


Send in your AIMMS reference case

On our website you can find more reference cases describing the benefits achieved with AIMMS applications in different industries and business processes. If you are also willing to share your AIMMS Reference Case with us and with others, we look forward to hearing from you via


AIMMS User Meeting

July 5, AIMMS User Meeting, Bonn, Germany

We will host an AIMMS User Meeting on Sunday 5 July from 15:30 to 17:00 at the EURO conference in Bonn, Germany. Please come along to hear about the newest AIMMS features and development plans, to provide us your feedback, and to meet other AIMMS Users.

Read on about the AIMMS User Meeting in Germany.

AIMMS at upcoming conferences

March 9-10, Center for Advanced Process Decision-Making (CAPD) Annual Meeting of Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

During the yearly CAPD meeting, the focus of various presenters will be Modeling Tools and Stochastic Programming. Jeff Linderoth (University of Wisconsin), Alex Meeraus (GAMS), and Peter Nieuwesteeg (AIMMS), will each share their ideas.

April 2-3, GOR Practice Meeting on “Mathematical Optimization in Logistics”, Pirmasens, Germany

The next meeting of the GOR working group on OR Practice will be hosted by psb intralogistics and the Fachhochschule Kaiserslautern. We will contribute a presentation about the use of AIMMS to optimize industrial logistics networks.

April 24-25, Informs Western Regional Conference, Phoenix, AZ, USA

At this regional INFORMS –just prior to the INFORMS practice meeting- we will talk about the benefits and the abilities of solving optimization models in parallel. In a more extended demo, we will show the various development support tools in AIMMS as our diagnostic tools, the profiler, debugger and the AIMMS math program inspector. Tools that can help you be more efficient.

April 26-28, Informs Practice Conference, Phoenix, AZ, USA

During the annual INFORMS Practice meeting, you can visit the AIMMS exhibition booth, attend AIMMS presentations and register for a preconference workshop (Sunday noon-3pm). The focus on this conference will be to demonstrate how to deploy OR into your organization.

Read more about AIMMS Workshop in Phoenix, AZ.

July 5-8, EURO 2009, Bonn, Germany

At the annual EURO conference, you can attend our presentations about optimization modeling with AIMMS, about the available algorithmic capabilities to deal with uncertainty, and about the operational deployment of AIMMS-based OR applications. Of course you can also meet us at our exhibit, and don’t forget to participate in the AIMMS User Meeting at the conference!


Workshop calendar

We regularly offer 2-day AIMMS workshops where you learn how to use and enjoy AIMMS, in small groups and with hands-on exercises. To serve customers around the world, we have scheduled workshops at our three office locations:

  • March 18-19 in Haarlem (The Netherlands)
  • April 27-28 in Singapore
  • May 12-13 in Kirkland, WA (USA)
  • May 19-20 in Birmingham, UK
  • June 17-18 in Haarlem
  • July 15-16 in Singapore
  • August 11-12 in Kirkland

To sign up, please use the registration form from our AIMMS Workshops page.

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