Recent Highlights

  • AIMMS 3.8 released and updated manuals published
  • Multilingual website and tutorials
  • Membership of INFORMS round table

AIMMS Reference Cases

  • Optimization of nationwide distribution for Horoz Lojistik, Turkey
  • Information Toolkit for Negotiators at Bali climate conference
  • Send in your AIMMS Reference Case


  • AIMMS at upcoming conferences
  • Workshop Calendar
  • Users Meeting in Germany
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Recent Highlights

AIMMS 3.8 released and updated manuals published

In December 2007 we released AIMMS 3.8. The new and updated features in this version include:

  • Benders decomposition for stochastic programming
  • Nonlinear pre-solve and Multi-start solve
  • CPLEX 11
  • AIMMS Viewer and packed project file
  • Platform-independent web services
  • Extensions of GUI objects: network object, GIS link, pivot table

The two AIMMS manuals (User’s Guide & Language Reference) have also been updated to include the latest AIMMS features and are downloadable and available in the on-line bookstores.

Click here to read more about the AIMMS 3.8 features.

Multilingual website and tutorials

To make it easier for people around the world to find out more

about AIMMS, we have launched introductory web pages in Spanish and Dutch, and the one-hour AIMMS Tutorial for Beginners is now also available in Spanish. We plan to add introductions and tutorials in other languages in the future.

Click here to download the Spanish version of the Beginner’s Tutorial

Membership of INFORMS round table 

AIMMS is proud to have become a member of the INFORMS round table, which promotes OR/MS excellence in practice, provides practitioner-inspired leadership to the profession, and promotes the personal professional growth of Roundtable representatives.

More information on the INFORMS Roundtable can be found at

Reference Cases

Optimization of nationwide distribution for Horoz Lojistik, Turkey

Horoz Lojistik is an integrated logistic services provider in Turkey, with an annual turnover of 300 million USD. Horoz used AIMMS to optimize the nationwide distribution for one of its clients, a fertilizer producer and importer, which generated an annual cost saving of approximately

US$ 400,000.

Click here to read more about this reference case.

Information Toolkit for Negotiators at Bali climate conference

The Energy research Centre of the Netherlands (ECN) has developed an Information Toolkit to support climate negotiations. The Toolkit was introduced at the UN climate conference in Bali, 3-14 December 2007. The toolkit uses the flexibility of the new AIMMS Viewer. Negotiators can create their own graphs based on large, diverse datasets and scenarios, thus visualizing the impact of negotiated agreements.

Click here to read the newsflash about the Information Toolkit.

Send in your AIMMS Reference Case

On our website you can find more reference cases describing the benefits achieved with AIMMS applications in different industries and business processes. If you are also willing to share your AIMMS Reference Case with us and with others, we look forward to hearing from you via


AIMMS at upcoming conferences

March 10-11, CAPD, Carnegie Mellon, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

During the Annual Review meeting of CAPD, we will present the new NLP pre-solver and Multi-start options of AIMMS 3.8 and demonstrate possible improvements that can be made. On March 12, a free morning workshop will be provided to CAPD members and faculty, students, alumni of CMU.

April 3-4, GOR Practice working group, ABB Ladenburg, Germany

“Optimization in Manufacturing Execution Systems” is the theme of this meeting of the GOR working group on the Practice of Mathematical Optimization. We will present a paper on optimizing manufacturing processes and planning with AIMMS, using case studies of Shell and our Service Partner Outperform.

April 13-15, INFORMS Practice Meeting, Baltimore, MD, USA

During the annual INFORMS conference where OR practitioners and academics meet, we host two free pre-conference workshops on April 13: one with AIMMS Service Partner Applied Optimization, and one with Solver Supplier Ziena/KNITRO. Of course we also offer you an AIMMS software presentation and live demos at the AIMMS exhibition booth. Don’t forget to check out the Lyondell customer case that will be presented.

April 18-19, INFORMS Regional Meeting SouthWest, College Station, TX, USA

AIMMS will attend the regional INFORMS conference in College Station and present AIMMS in one of the sessions and provide a 45 minute tutorial to demonstrate the ease of use of working with AIMMS.

May 28-31, APMOD, Bratislava, Slovakia

The biennial conference on Applied Modeling will this year be organized by the universities of Vienna and Bratislava. You can sign up for the free pre-conference AIMMS workshop by sending an e-mail to, and ask any questions about AIMMS at our exhibit.

June 1-4, ESCAPE, Lyon, France

We will promote AIMMS with an exhibition booth at this conference of computer-aided process engineering, and our Service Partner Optasoft will contribute presentations about their AIMMS-based solutions.

July 14-18, IFORS 2008, Sandton, South Africa

At the triennial conference organized by the International Federation of OR Societies (IFORS), you can find out more about AIMMS during the software presentation and the demos at the AIMMS exhibition booth. ETP will present a customer case.

Click here to read more about these and other conferences.

Workshop Calendar

We offer 2-day AIMMS workshops where you learn how to use and enjoy AIMMS, in small groups and with hands-on exercises. To serve customers around the world, we have scheduled workshops at various locations:

  • March 5-6 in Haarlem (Netherlands),
  • April 10-11 in Singapore,
  • May 12-13 in Kirkland, WA (USA),
  • May 21-22 in Birmingham (UK)
  • June 11-12 in Haarlem (Netherlands).
  • July 10-11 in Singapore,
  • August 12-13 in Kirkland, WA (USA),

For shorter pre-conference workshops, please see our conference schedule above.

Click here to check out our AIMMS Workshop Calendar and to sign up.

Users Meeting in Germany

On September 4 we will host an AIMMS Academic Users Meeting at the GOR conference in Augsburg, Germany. We will briefly present the teaching tools available with AIMMS and the newest algorithmic capabilities, and there will be ample time for you to exchange experiences with other AIMMS Users.

Click here to read the agenda of the Users Meeting.

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