It is our greatest pleasure to announce the 6th annual AIMMS-MOPTA Optimization Modeling Competition! The competition is open to students from all over the world. Finalists are expected to attend and present their results at the 2014 MOPTA Conference, which will take place from August 13 to August 15, 2014 at Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

A note from last year’s winner

Operation Room Management Under Uncertainty was the problem presented by the MOPTA Committee for last year’s competition. Team ORopt from the Technische Universität in Berlin and ZIB was named winner. Alexander Tesch, the team’s sole member, was able to solve all models in the competition dataset to an optimal standard within a reasonable time. The key component of his solution was the use of “precedence networks” that could be solved efficiently due to the calculation of very tight bounds on some of the constants. Alex’s complete MOPTA presentation is available below.  


2014 theme and problem description

This year, the competition will center around the Time-Ahead Pricing of Energy Supply. The management of electricity systems is fundamentally changing and becoming increasingly challenging. This is mainly due to the transition to low carbon, sustainable, and renewable energy sources; and the need to reliably satisfy increasing energy demands in a competitive, hyper-connected and resource-scarce economy. The development of novel and improved quantitative tools is therefore required to support decision-making in all areas of the energy market.

The competition’s aim is to consider one key decision-making process within the management of the distribution electricity system; namely, how to price the energy for the end consumers. Competing teams must develop effective, quantitative, user-friendly tools to support the desired energy pricing decisions by using the AIMMS modeling environment. Click here to read the complete problem description.

Who can participate?

Teams of up to three students can participate. The team leader has to be a graduate student, though the other members of the team can be advanced undergraduate students. Each member of the team must be registered as a full-time student at a recognized educational institution during the Spring term of the 2013-2014 academic year. All students with a background in optimization, regardless of their actual field of study, are eligible.

The official language of the competition is English. The official language of the competition is English. To learn more about the competition visit the MOPTA website or our competition overview page.