June 15, 2012

AIMMS PRO Released

With great pride, Paragon Decision Technology is launching the AIMMS PRO Platform, our Publishing and Remote Optimization (PRO) platform. AIMMS PRO is a revolutionary product in the field of optimization technology and will change the way we enable the use of optimization everywhere.

Why do you need AIMMS PRO?

The AIMMS PRO Platform is a new way for your organization to deploy optimization technology into your organization. See it as your own App Store of AIMMS-based optimization solutions – a collaboration platform for making better decisions. Every optimization solution (or update of such a solution) can be made available to the users in your organization in a matter of a few clicks. As our solutions help your users make better decisions, it will allow you to increase your bottom line (or reduce your cost) almost instantly. This means that your organization will perform better and will be more agile with the AIMMS PRO Platform.

What is AIMMS PRO?

The AIMMS PRO Platform enables you to deploy AIMMS Applications to end-users quickly and efficiently through the AIMMS PRO Portal. More importantly, the AIMMS PRO Portal assures end-users can access the latest version of these AIMMS Applications at all times through a web browser. While end-users can view and manage data, create scenarios, and initiate optimization runs, the actual processing is dispatched automatically to (high performance) central servers connected by the AIMMS PRO Platform. So, instead of coding your own interfaces, deployment setups etc., AIMMS PRO does it all for you.

How to use AIMMS PRO?

The AIMMS PRO Portal is the control center for users of the AIMMS PRO Platform. It allows for management of users, publishing of applications and AIMMS versions, setting use restrictions for applications, etc. Whether you are a developer, an end-user, or an IT manager, the portal provides you the controls to make optimal use of AIMMS possible. This is also true for sharing prototypes and pre-releases in a controlled way. Thus scaling up a solution, sharing new optimization concepts, or offering a large set of different AIMMS Applications to your organization is now easier than ever before.

Testimonial – Astral Foods

One of our launching customers is Astral Foods in South Africa. They are working closely with our partner UniSoma and rolled out various optimization solutions using AIMMS PRO to support their business users. This is what they say: “AIMMS PRO allows optimization to become a corporate solution instead of just a technical tool. The transparent licensing, updating of applications, and optimization that is done on the server eliminates the need to micro-manage users. In the end, it simply makes implementation faster and easier.” Andries Steyn, Project Coordinator at Astral Foods.

Learn more about AIMMS PRO

Visit our website for more details, screen shots, and videos, www.aimms.com/aimms-pro-platform, or contact your regional office for details.


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