August 18, 2011

Team RANDOM wins AIMMS modeling competition

Bethlehem, PA (USA) – Today, the AIMMS modeling competition ended at MOPTA 2011 with announcing Team RANDOM (University of Twente, The Netherlands) as the winner. Team RANDOM is formed by Arturo E. Perez Rivera and Rick van Urk, advised by Bodo Manthey.

Team RANDOM represented by Arturo E. Perez Rivera and Rick van Urk (1st from right and 2nd from left) received the award from Prof. Tamás Terlaky (2nd from right) and Paragon (Paco Cruz, 1st from left).

Team RANDOM from the university of Twente used a heuristic approach to solve this second order cone problem (quadratic nonconvex). Their method consisted of bound reduction to reduce the feasible space, in combination with solving piecewise linear approximations of the second order cone problem. They used a large number of randomly generated instances to validate the accuracy of their solution.

Since March, many teams from all over the world enlisted to compete in a Localization of Ad-Hoc Sensor Networks for MOPTA 2011. The 3 finalists, Team ISE-NUS, National University of Singapore (Singapore), Team ORTEC (Gouda, The Netherlands) and Team RANDOM (University of Twente, The Netherlands) were invited to present their final results on August 18, 2011 at MOPTA.

Soon the results of all finalists of this competition (project, presentation and report) will be shared on the AIMMS website.


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