March 14, 2013

AIMMS 3.11 Software Update 7 available

Haarlem, The Netherlands – Today, Paragon Decision Technology released the seventh and last Software Update on the Production Release of AIMMS 3.11 (AIMMS 3.11 PR – SU7). The focus of Software Updates is on stability (bugfixes and minor solver updates only). More information on this release can be found in its associated release notes (included in the installations and available here).

AIMMS 3.11 PR – SU7 is available to users with a maintained license, and to everyone buying a new AIMMS license. If you do not have an eligible license, you can request a free license or apply for maintenance on an existing license at

As you can read here, Production Releases are supported up to 2 years after their initial release. For AIMMS 3.11, for which the official Production Release was released on March 30, 2011, this means that AIMMS 3.11 PR – SU7 is the last Software Update in the AIMMS 3.11 series.

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