December 15, 2010

AIMMS 3.11 Feature Release 3 available

Haarlem (The Netherlands) – Today, Paragon Decision Technology released a new Feature Release of AIMMS 3.11 (AIMMS 3.11 FR3).

We feel that with AIMMS 3.11 FR3 we have again improved the usability for both developers and end users. AIMMS 3.11 FR3 offers the following new features:

Insert/Delete Rows or Columns functionality for Pivot Table
Index Filters in Pivot Table
Gurobi 4.0* and Knitro 7.0*
New function FileGetSize
Model Edit functions: runtime libraries can now be saved in cases
Model Edit API example

* Also available in AIMMS 3.10 PR – SU3

More information on this new release can be found in the associated release notes (included in the installations and available here).

AIMMS 3.11 FR3 is the last release in the series of Feature Releases that will lead to the AIMMS 3.11 Production Release, planned for Q1, 2011. AIMMS 3.11 FR3 is available to everybody who is trying out AIMMS and everybody with an AIMMS license that is in maintenance (btw: all educational licenses are in maintenance and therefore allow usage of Feature Releases). If you do not have a maintained license, you can request a trial license or apply for maintenance on an existing license at

If you have any questions or feedback, please contact us through If you don’t want to receive any further information about the availability of new AIMMS releases, please let us know by sending an e-mail to


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