May 14, 2010

Campinas (Brazil) - The most recent magazine of ORMS/Today, the International Issue of April 2010, features 25 years of O.R. in Brazil by UniSoma. A must read article about the opportunities and impact of O.R. in Brazil.

UniSoma is our distinguished AIMMS Service Partner in Brazil since 2004 and a former Edelman finalist. UniSoma has been successful in developing and deploying over twenty AIMMS-based applications in various industries. A large set of reference cases as well as an introduction to UniSoma’s services are highlighted on the UniSoma Partner page. Paragon and UniSoma work closely together to assure our joint customers are able to reap the benefits of O.R.

A link to the complete article called “25 years of O.R. in Brazil” is available on the UniSoma Partner page.


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