August 25, 2009

Time-zone warnings upon starting AIMMS projects

Haarlem (The Netherlands) – After August 25th, 2009, you may experience two harmless time-zone related warnings when opening any AIMMS project using AIMMS 3.7 or higher.


The following two warnings will be displayed when opening an AIMMS project:

  • Warning: The tuple (UTC) is assigned to LocaleTimeZoneName with the values GMT Standard Time and Coordinated Universal Time.
  • Warning: The tuple (UTC) is assigned to LocaleTimeZoneNameDST with the values GMT Daylight Time and Coordinated Universal Time.


These warnings are triggered by time-zone related registry changes that are part of Microsoft Windows update 970653. AIMMS versions 3.6 and lower are not affected by this update.


While these warnings do not influence the correct operation of AIMMS, they are annoying and may be confusing to end-users of your AIMMS applications.

The warnings will no longer appear in the upcoming AIMMS releases

  • AIMMS 3.8.9
  • AIMMS 3.9.3
  • AIMMS 3.10 FR2

As AIMMS 3.7 is no longer actively maintained, an AIMMS 3.7 Software Update to suppress these warnings is not planned.

If you cannot upgrade to one of the above AIMMS releases, you can suppress the warnings by setting the project option warning_duplicate_elements to off for any affected AIMMS project. Please note that setting this option will suppress all warnings about the occurrence of duplicate elements during such actions as reading data from data files and databases, or assigning values to AIMMS parameters through the AIMMS API, AIMMS COM object or Excel Add-In.





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