December 6, 2007

AIMMS 3.8 – A free AIMMS Viewer!

To enable AIMMS users to easily share the results of their AIMMS-based optimization applications with other people, we have developed a free AIMMS Viewer for AIMMS 3.8. The AIMMS Viewer allows users to:

  • Open AIMMS 3.8 applications that have been made viewable by the application developer.
  • Use the data manager to load the data of one or multiple cases created by an AIMMS application.
  • Browse the results through the graphical user interface (GUI) of the AIMMS application.

This means that you can now use the powerful GUI-builder in AIMMS to create sophisticated dashboards, allowing your colleagues, managers, customers or prospects to browse the results of your AIMMS optimization applications.

The newly introduced packed project file provides a convenient way to distribute a complete interactive report to the users of the AIMMS Viewer. Confidential data in a viewable project can be protected with a username and password.

How does the AIMMS Viewer compare with our existing AIMMS versions?

The AIMMS Viewer is a new way to run an AIMMS application. The table below shows the differences with the existing Developer, End-User and Component licenses.

 Developer  End-User  Component  Viewer
 Build an optimization model and GUI      
 Exchange data with external sources √ 
 Modify input data in the GUI  
 Perform optimization runs (solves) √ 
 Load input & result data from saved cases
 View input & result data in the GUI

How to obtain the AIMMS Viewer?

The AIMMS Viewer can be downloaded from this website. It is a separate installation that can be operated without a dongle or nodelock. The AIMMS Viewer is free: there is no license fee or maintenance fee.  

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